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The guide won't fully load


The guide won't fully load

We have two receivers, both SD and no dvr. We recently had our dish moved to a different spot (same property, new house) and channels are coming in fine. But ever since then, one of our receivers keeps having an incomplete guide. I can see about a day's worth but the rest say "to be announced" or sometimes it'll say something like "upcoming:xxx". Normally on a standard receiver I can see at least 48 hours worth, and usually another 12 beyond that. I use the autotune feature a lot so it's kind of important to me to see as far ahead as possible. I have tried resetting twice within 30 minutes and that helped a little but it's still not complete. If I have to I can swap this one out for the other receiver (we don't really autotune on that one) but the other one has a funky color thing going on which started right after a power outage a few months ago. Can something like this (guide not loading) be a symptom of a dying receiver?

for the record we are well out of contract and want to keep it that way. If I have to replace the receiver and can't do it without signing another contract, I will buy it myself. I actually have no idea if this receiver belongs to us or to directv...

eta: I should probably mention that I never turn this receiver off. The reason is that a couple of times when I had it set to auto tune, it didn't turn itself on to do so. So now I just leave it on 24/7. It was off (unplugged) when we moved it to the new house though, which was a couple of weeks ago, and my son turned it off one day so it's been off. Just not normally. Not sure if it being on all the time would cause it to fail faster.

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Re: The guide won't fully load

What are your receiver model numbers? For example, D11, D12, or something older. Also what type of dish do you have? Those two variables can effect where/how you get your guide data.

One thing to note, it typically takes up to a day or two for the guide data to fully rebuild. Resetting twice starts that process over (at least on newer models of equipment).

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Re: The guide won't fully load

Note that if any of your receivers are faulty Directv will replace them for free if you have the Service Plan or for $20 to cover cost of shipping.  Replacement does not require a renewal of the contract.

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