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Signal Loss/Transponder Issues When Upgraded to SWM and Genie


Signal Loss/Transponder Issues When Upgraded to SWM and Genie

Without going into detail about all of the hours I have spent on the phone and time spent with 6 different technicians on service calls, I still believe that the transponder (signal loss) issue will continue to be an ongoing concern.  I still have a Tier 3 service call that is still open, although the technician spent 7 hours and his supervisor 5 hours last week.  The supervisor left the call open to clean up the install and to try some further troubleshooting and will return on Friday.  My SWM-16 has been changed 3 times and the last service visit the supervisor changed the LNB, the power inserter, and the SWM-16. They ran a dedicated line from the power inserter to the switch and put new cables in from the LNB to the switch.  In addition, they changed every connector and put new cables from the wall to all of my receivers. 

My ongoing signal loss/transponder issues are If any cable in the system is disconnected or the power inserter removed from the wall and then reinserted into the wall, I get no signal strength from the odd transponders.  During the last switch change out, as soon as the new switch was installed, the signal strength on the transponders immediately switched to signal loss on the even transponders and good on the odd ones.  The supervisor went outside and disconnected two lines from the LNB and swapped input ports on the switch and then I had signal strength on all of the transponders.  Then the technician went outside to put the switch back in the box and hook up the ground wire.  As soon as he hooked up the ground wire and was putting the switch back in the box, the odd transponders were lost again.  The supervisor blew a fuse and chewed out the technician, although the technician did nothing wrong in my eyes.  The supervisor removed all of the ground wires, one from the satellite dish and the one to the switch and the odd transponders were magically restored.  It was dark when they left, and since he had not finished all of the code checks on the Tier 3 call, he is planning on returning this Friday.  He told me it maybe a grounding issue, but before I switched to the SWM switch and the Genie, I never had one issue with signal loss, except during heavy rain and I have been a customer with DirectV since 2006.  I have installed my own satellite systems before I switched to DirecTV and never had issues either.  This is the most baffling issue and after many hours of research cannot find a definitive cause to my signal loss/transponder issue.  I decided not to mess with the system, since the service call is still open, but believe if I have power loss in the house or just unplug the power inserter, reinsert and perform a repeat satellite setup, it will revert back to signal loss with no signal on the odd transponders.  The only things that haven't been changed are the dish reflector, the Genie receiver, and the ground wires from the switch.  The grounding setup for the Dish itself is new and installed on the last service visit.

I have 5 receivers, 2 Genie clients, 1 Genie, and 2 HD-DVRs, HR-21 and HR-24 with whole home DVR service.  The same signal loss/transponder issue has been experienced on the other 2 HD-DVR's, as well as the Genie, when running the repeat satellite setup. Can someone please help diagnose this issue and let me know what the gremlin could possibly be?  Would changing out or completely resetting the Genie be the ultimate solution?

Thank you for your time.

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Re: Signal Loss/Transponder Issues When Upgraded to SWM and Genie

Have you got one of those inexpensive receptacle checkers?  That will tell you if you have a ground issue.  I would be particularly interested if you have a "hot" ground.  Note that this device is rudimentary, but it will check that the receptacle is properly wired.

Klein Tools Receptacle Tester-RT500 at The Home Depot

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Re: Signal Loss/Transponder Issues When Upgraded to SWM and Genie

Thank you for your reply.  I don't have a receptacle checker, but I shop at Home Depot all the time.  The receptacle was wired by the electrician who wired the whole house when it was new in 1999.  On this same receptacle, I have a power strip plugged in that controls the TV and several other components.  I have never had any issues with them.

If I pick up a receptacle checker, what should I do to check for a hot ground.  I have a basic idea about electrical issues, but I don't understand the hot ground issue.  Does that mean that the receptacle's ground wire is not connected correctly or the receptacle is bad. 

Thank you so much for your reply.

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Re: Signal Loss/Transponder Issues When Upgraded to SWM and Genie

By hot ground I mean a receptacle that has it's ground connection wired to a hot line as opposed to a neutral one.  Just plug the checker into the wall, it has a set of lights that will confirm proper connection.

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