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Recording shows on my dvr to DVD


Recording shows on my dvr to DVD

How do I record shows on my dvr to DVD?

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Re: Recording shows on my dvr to DVD

What is the model number of your DVR?  All Directv DVRs output a signal on all outputs simultaneously.  You'll need to connect video and audio (what type depends on your DVR model) cables from the DVR to the DVD recorder.  You'll need to playback the program while the recorder does it's work.

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Re: Recording shows on my dvr to DVD

The typical setup to record from your DirecTV Reciever/DVR to a VCR or DVD recorder is:


* DirecTV Receiver/DVR Audio/Video Output -> matching TV A/V Input (e.g. INPUT1)

* DirecTV Receiver/DVR A/V Output -> matching DVD/VCR Recorder A/V Input

* DVD/VCR Recorder A/V Output -> matching TV A/V Input (e.g. INPUT2)

Use the TV's Input/Source Selector Function to switch between the DirecTV receiver and VCR/DVD Recorder.  To record on the DVD/VCR Recorder, select the DirecTV Receiver/DVR Input on the recorder, set the DirecTV Receiver/DVR to the channel to record (or play a recording to copy on a DVR), and start recording on your DVD/VCR Recorder.

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