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Recording from Genie DVR


Recording from Genie DVR

For the record, I'm a non-techie.

We currently have DTV at our summer cabin with a standard receiver.  We suspend service during the winter; Nov to May.

We want to add DTV service at our home where we currently have Time Warner cable service.

My wife records several programs each week on three different VHS TV's and watches the programs at a later time.  During the summer each week she records her favorite programs and takes the tapes to our camper to watch them there.

Here are my questions:

1. Does anyone have a suggestion how we can accomplish this procedure with Genie DVR?

2. Could I take the Genie DVR with us and hook it up to our TV?  I do not want to watch the programs on a laptop, computer, phone or ipad.

3. Could I transfer the recorded programs off of the Genie DVR to VHS or DVD tapes before we leave home?

Thanks for response, comments and suggestions.

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Re: Recording from Genie DVR

So you're thinking of getting a Genie DVR setup for your main home?   If so, and you keep your dish at the summer cabin, then yes you can take the Genie DVR to your summer cabin and watch its recordings.   But you'll also need to upgrade your summer cabin dish to a "Single Wire Multiswitch" (SWM) dish because the Genie won't work with your standard Receiver's dish (unless it happens to be SWM already), and you need an active satellite connection for the DVR to continue functioning. 

You could also record the Genie DVR shows to VHS or DVD Recorder.   You would need to record them in "real time" while playing them on the Genie DVR because there's no way to transfer them digitally. 

If you have a fast internet connection at the summer cabin, you could consider getting a "GenieGo" box so that you could stream your Genie DVR's recordings to your summer cabin via a laptop, iPad, etc.   You could connect the iPad to your TV if you want. 

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Re: Recording from Genie DVR

I think the GenieGo and a laptop or iPad with a HDMI connection would be the easy way to go.  The GenieGO would work even when the system was inactive and wouldn't need a dish update.  The nice thing is that it would play any recording on the Genie, assuming you had a Internet connection and there would be virtually no preparation time required.

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