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Re: Receiver (Genie) No internet connection.


Re: Receiver (Genie) No internet connection.

I am having the same issues.  I have only had Direct TV since the 17th of June and have noticed that I have had to reset the receiver and the wireless modem 3 times to get "reconnected" to the internet.

I called a CSR and was told that it had to be my internet not recognizing the receiver.  All other devices (laptops, cell phones) work and show a connection!   Guess I will call to see what the service provider says.......but, I can bet they will say it's the receiver, since all other equipment is working!

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Re: Receiver (Genie) No internet connection.

Unfortunately, I think if it is the receiver, then they will keep denying it, even after the ISP is called and it is confirmed that no issues are on the ISP's end.  To give the CSRs credit, they run through a flowchart and have little to no training in regard to networking.  So, they are really just spouting what they are told to say when event "x" happens.

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Re: Receiver (Genie) No internet connection.

Best to start your own new thread using the "Create New Post" button on the main forum page. Your problem may very well be different from the original poster's. With a new thread you can provide more information about your equipment (model numbers), location, and troubleshooting you've tried so far. And this forum software makes it difficult to track or respond to folks that add onto someone else's thread. Thank you.

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Re: Receiver (Genie) No internet connection.

Yes....the poor CSR I spoke with was yawning, while speaking with me, and said "hmm...this is a little tricky for me".  Bless her heart.  I just told her I would continue to do what I've been doing and thank you for helping me.  I will call back next week if the problem continues.  Good luck!!  I am wondering if I need the Cinema connect kit??  What does that do?

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Re: Receiver (Genie) No internet connection.

who is your internet provider? I have Verizon thru my bundle package and my internet connection is so slow I can't use the DEMAND feature on direct tv. I'm so glad I'm going back to my other provider on Friday but I would have like to have this work up until then lol

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Re: Receiver (Genie) No internet connection.

How is your directv box connected to the Internet? Are you using a cinema kit or is an Ethernet cord plugged directly into back of box?

Also, do you have "whole-home Dvr" at your house?

If you are directly connected with Ethernet and you have multi room viewing (whole home Dvr) then those 2 networks will conflict with each other and knock each other off. On any Swm/whole home/ mrv system a cck device must be used to obtain proper Internet connection to avoid these issues.

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