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R 16 compared to DirecTivo Philips 708


R 16 compared to DirecTivo Philips 708

I recently had to replace my Philips DSR 708 (DirecTV said they would have forced a replacement soon anyway).  They replaced it with an R 16.  I know there are differences which we will have to get used to, but as far as I can tell, there are features that just dont work.  Setting up to record first run only is the biggest.  I have read that this might have something to do with the guide info, and that DirecTV has little control over it.  I really dont know.  But the box has a feature on it that does not work.  I need it to work.  So, if this is something that is not expected to work, perhaps someone can give me some advice on next steps.  This is a standard Def TV.  I was thinking about the new Tivo box DirecTV offers, but I want to be sure its going to work, at least as well as the old Philips did.  Any advice is appreciated.

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Re: R 16 compared to DirecTivo Philips 708

Sometimes channels will code a program as first run even it was made some time ago, particularly if the program was foreign made.  In those cases I find that feature beneficial.  Also, are you aware that whenever you set up a series, the DVR will record the very next showing, whether it be first run or a repeat?  Setting up a bunch of new series will get you a bunch of reruns to start with.

The Directv Tivo is a Directv HR22 with some Tivo Features, but it hasn't been given all of the latest slick features the HD DVR's & Genies are getting.  What on the R16 isn't working?  Have you tried a red button (inside card door) reset?

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Re: R 16 compared to DirecTivo Philips 708

Thank you.

When I said features that are not working, I am referring to the Record

First Run only issue I am having. However, as I just set this up, perhaps

it is a matter of it recording all next episodes regardless of content.

Just not working the same way as the 708 right now. I will look at it

again to be sure. Thanks!

There are other things that are different/annoying. 30 Sec slip compared

to Skip. Ability to show the time on screen at all times. Also, I set up

the TV to play a music channel all night. But it changes the channel to

record Late Night. It does not change the "Other" receiver channel that's

not being watched? No other shows are scheduled to record so there is no

conflict - I will go back to verify this.

Thanks again

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Re: R 16 compared to DirecTivo Philips 708

The "Late Night" situation is not the way it should work.  Try recording a current program, the record a second current program.  Then open your list and assure that both programs are viewable from the play list.  That will assure that the R16's two tuners are both working properly.

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Re: R 16 compared to DirecTivo Philips 708

I will check that out.

Just got an example from my wife on the First Run Only feature. I have set

this DVR up a week ago. We set it to record Real Housewives of NYC. Only

record first run. The new season has not yet started and it continues to

record old repeats.

Is this how its supposed to work?

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Re: R 16 compared to DirecTivo Philips 708

Select one of the recorded programs to play then hit info, then more info.  Select series setup and confirm that the series in fact is set for first run.  If it is, then I'd say the channel has the coding wrong.

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Re: R 16 compared to DirecTivo Philips 708

OK. I will check that out. And just to be sure. It worked correct on the

Tivo. So is there different coding information?

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Re: R 16 compared to DirecTivo Philips 708

No, not different coding, but the Tivo had a different history than the R16, and the setup is brand new.

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Re: R 16 compared to DirecTivo Philips 708

I appreciate all your answers. It has helped me understand whats going on.

I double checked a couple of things.

1. Receiver changing channels to record - This is happening to 2 R 16s in

my house, so I assume its the same for any. The music channel is being

changed in order to record a show, even though there is only one show to


2. First Run Only - This does not work for all shows, but appears to work

for some. Reruns are being recorded even though First Run only is

selected. This did not happen on the old TiVo.

I think I am experiencing limitations in the unit or software. I have an

HD DVR that I have not seen these same issues (Though I am not recording

the same shows). Based on other posts I have read, I believe this to be

"the way it is" for this unit.

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