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Problems with HR44- black screen, freezes


Problems with HR44- black screen, freezes

I have an HR44 and have started having some issues, and I am not sure if they are the same thing that others have been reporting.

It seems to happen when I pause a program, but not sure if that is the only time- but I will have the picture freeze up, with no audio either. Fast forwarding and rewinding will sometimes move the progress bar, but the picture remains frozen. Then if I try to exit, change tuners, basically do anything, I get a black screen with no audio.

Sometimes if I am on live programming (not watching a recording) a channel up/down to change channel will bring the picture back, but if I change tuners or do anything else, the black screen returns.

Also, when this is happening, if I try to watch ANY recorded program, I get nothing but a black screen. (but the recordings are still there- once the problem clears I can watch again)

I have also noticed that sometimes when this happens, the frozen screen will remain on screen even after exiting or changing channels- if I hit display I will be on , say, ESPN, but on the screen it still shows the frozen screen from whatever channel/program I was previously on.

So I did a red button reset, and for about a day everything went back to normal, but tonight, the problems returned:

I was just watching live TV, and hit the down arrow to activate double play- it switched to the other tuner, and I got another black screen and the whole box was frozen- (the doubleplay started message was stuck on the screen).

It would not respond to the remote and even pressing the buttons on the dvr itself would not do anything.

So, I had to do another RBR- it again temorarily got things back to normal...

I am really not sure what to do- I know I can call directv out here, but I won't be able to duplicate the problem on demand. And I know they will replace my Genie, but I will be really screwed if it comes to that- I have over 100 hours of unwatched shows....

I just wish I knew for certain if this is a problem with my specific Genie or it is a Directv (software???) issue. There are ALOT of users reporting similar freezing issues over at dbstalk, which makes me suspect it isn't an issue with my Genie (which I have only had for about 3 months). And I have 3 other DVR's and am not having any issues with those...

Anyone have any thoughts???

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Re: Problems with HR44- black screen, freezes

The problem you describe is often due to a HDMI handshake issue.  Is your Genie connected to the TV via HDMI cable?  Is there an audio receiver involved.  One thing that will often help is to go to the Genies setup menu and locate the resolution settings and take all the check marks off except 1080i.  Then set native to off.  This will drastically reduce the number of handshakes required.  A switch from HDMI to component cables will eliminate the handshake all together.

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Re: Problems with HR44- black screen, freezes

Thanks for the reply- I am familiar with the HDMI handshake problems, but in my case, why are all these problems just now happening??

And would an HDMI handshake issue cause the whole box to freeze and become unresponsive??

I have had my DVR’s connected the same way for years and have never had these specific problems.

I am not doubting that you are correct, but it just seems strange that the problems are just now happening, AND there are many others on other forums having exactly the same issues………..

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Re: Problems with HR44- black screen, freezes

Forgot to add that I already have the DVR setup with native off and only 1080i.

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Re: Problems with HR44- black screen, freezes

So, run a set of component cables and disconnect the HDMI at both ends and you'll soon know if it is a HDMI issue or not.

Video Cables- RCA Component -

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