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Pressing Play after 4xFF


Pressing Play after 4xFF

i have had DTV boxes for about 10 years and I always use 4x Fast Forward to skip commercial breaks In recordings. I got pretty good at hitting Play when the program starts again. since switching to the Genie I find that the little "skip-back" the software did doesn't work. In fact I end up having to rewind quite a way.

i Put a stop-watch on it to find out how far "Genie" catapulted forward and it turns out it's exactly 2 mins! this overshoot isn't as bad at slower fF speeds and I know there's the 30-sec skip but I've got used to the 4xFF. Is this a known issue? (I'm assuming it's a software problem).

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Re: Pressing Play after 4xFF

I've found that 4xFF is too hard control, so I only use 3xFF when skipping commercials. 

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Re: Pressing Play after 4xFF

You really ought to try the relatively unknown "30skip" feature.  You still use the 30-second skip button after you've enabled it but it's almost instantaneous.  I usually figure there'll be at least 3 minutes of commercials -- by the time I've pushed the 30-second button the 6th time the program has already advanced the full 3 minutes.  This is skipping on steroids!!!   I'd provide a link with instructions on how to enable the 30skip feature but that seems to get your post into permanent limbo ("currently being moderated") so here's how to do it:

  Press MENU

  Scroll down to Search & Browse

  Arrow over to Smart Search and press select

  Type in 30SKIP

  Select “30SKIP” Keyword (NOT "30SKIP" YouTube)

  Select "ALL"

It won't find anything (you'll get a message that "There are no matching programs at this time.") but 30SKIP will now be enabled.  If you don't like this feature follow the same steps but type in 30SLIP instead of 30SKIP and the 30-second advance button will go back to being slow and cumbersome.   

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Re: Pressing Play after 4xFF

That's a useful tip and I'll use it but I still prefer the 4xFF (if only it worked the way it always did!)

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Re: Pressing Play after 4xFF

If nothing else you'll soon realize how many minutes of commercials you were fast forwarding through and you'll probably be surprised.  Almost never less than 3 minutes and 4+ minutes is not unusual.  You may also be surprised at how quickly you adjust to using the 30-second button.  Even if you need to do 1 or 2 more pushes, you'll advance 4 minutes in less than 5 seconds.  (And you'll eventually wind up with a nice muscular thumb in the process. Smiley Wink )

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Re: Pressing Play after 4xFF


Most of the pictures attached to this thread show an installation that would have serious quality issues. The truth is this... you could probably get a DirecTV satellite signal with an installation like the ones pictured however being on a public stairway is an installation begging to be plagued with technical issues and signal problems for obvious reasons (people touching it for whatever reason). There are quality assurance folks that frequent apartment complexes like yours checking to make sure the technician followed all installation rules. An installation like some of the ones pictured could trigger a coaching opportunity all the way up to termination for a technician because they are not allowed to install a dish just any placed even though it could get a signal.

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Re: Pressing Play after 4xFF

Wrong thread dude

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Re: Pressing Play after 4xFF

The problem is that commercial breaks are not consistent in the number of minutes. I've used 30-second skip before (though not the extra fast version) and find that too often I end up 30 seconds in to the program. I much prefer the FF and I really want to know why it doesn't work consistently. (Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't).

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