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Playboy TV HD


Playboy TV HD

Just yesterday I noticed that Playboy TV is now offered in HD* on several channels on DirecTV. How long has this been offered? When was DirecTV going to tell us about this? I am a monthly subscriber and have been for more than 10 years.

*Playboy TV appears on 8 channels, 2 are HD or at least my DirecTV HD DVR thinks they are. (The mini- guide nor the info window that you get when you click on more info don't say anything about any of them being HD.) The DVR indicates that the channel is a 1080i signal. The picture quality on the supposed HD channels does look higher quality.

The channels I am seeing for Playboy are:

559 monthly - It says I am authorized for this program but all I am getting is a black screen after that.

560 HD, same as 589 (1)

561 same as 590 (3)

562 en espanol. I just get a black screen. I don't subscribe to any Spanish channels. (2)

585 en espanol, monthly, ditto.

586 en espanol, just get a black screen, (2)

589 HD, same as 560 (1)

590 Playboy 2 (where is Playboy 1?) (3)

I see 3 different shows on all of these channels. 560 & 589 are the same, 562 & 586 are the same and 561 & 590 are the same. The 2 HD channels have the same programming but that is a different schedule than the old SD channel.

This is all curious to me. I have seen some info about this, mostly speculation about what might happen in the future, on the web but don't see anything about this on the DirecTV site. Is a formal roll-out yet to occur?

Can anyone shed any light on this. Thanks.


John L

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Re: Playboy TV HD

Ch 559, 560 and 561 are the HD Playboy channels.  The 589 and 590 are SD.  If you set your system to "Hide SD duplicates" those SD channels will disappear and some of your confusion will go away as well.

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Re: Playboy TV HD

Thanks. It turns out it is set to that. My concern was more why DirecTV hasn't told us that Playboy was available in HD.

(I tried to respond via the website but it wouldn't let me, even after logging into my account, even though I was already signed in...)

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Re: Playboy TV HD

with all due respect to directv  you can  find out what new channels directv  may be adding at,they had this info a few weeks ago ,I think they also added at least 2 more new HD channels, I think one of the other channels was a spanish channel GALAVISION, I cant remember what the other one was.P.S. You might also want to check out  tv as they often have directv news .

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