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Partially watched programs disappear from list & reappear with reset


Partially watched programs disappear from list & reappear with reset

Does anyone have a solution to our problem simpler than a reset?  Every night from 9 to 11 we record the International Mysteries on a local college PBS channel on our HR24NC-200.  Since each daily show has a different title this is a manual setting.  If we watch a show (usually one of the oldest ones - being daily it is a long list) on either that DRV or our Genie HR34-700, but not complete it and delete it.  That show disappears from the list within a couple of hours to continue watching.  If we start the next oldest, same thing for it.  (Another curious event: when a new show records, it starts another line item in the playlist, with it and a couple of other random shows that were in the main list before.)  A reset of the HR24, returns the show to both the HR24 and HR34 play lists, and now all the manuals are back together in one collapsed listing.  Even more curious, a reset of the HR34 also returned the "disappeared!"  My best guess is that there is a small bug in the whole home synchronization.  (Maybe we can suggest that DirecTV change their nickname to ReseTV.)

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Re: Partially watched programs disappear from list & reappear with reset

I suggest you delete any recordings you have scheduled for the problem program.  Then open the Menu/Recordings/Manage Recordings/Manual Record.  Set up the channel and time plus the days of the week and set it for recurring and the days and times to record.  You'll find that the recordings will all be grouped together in the list, with the newest on top.

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