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Older Genie Clients on Genie 2


Older Genie Clients on Genie 2

Hi there! I have a question about older Genie Mini Clients (ex. C31,C41,C41W,C51,C61 NOT C61K) Can they support a Genie 2?

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‎01-12-2019 9:44 AM

Re: Older Genie Clients on Genie 2

Yes, the Genie 2 (HS17) can support any of the wired/wireless client models. 

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Re: Older Genie Clients on Genie 2

Thank You!

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Re: Older Genie Clients on Genie 2

The Genie 2 (HS17) can push output to 7 genie minis simultaneously. I have 5 minis connected to it; one (1) C61K and four (4) C41W clients. All work well simultaneously in a large single story ranch house. With 14 grand kids, you've got to keep them separated. Back to the Genie 2. Driectv installed it in fall of 2017, guess I'm an early adopter (I had really push. DirectTV submitted to installing it after their tech brought an HR54-700 with the 5 minis (the HR54 can only output 4 clients simultaneously). Buy the way, the C61K is not worth its cost. Connected to my UHD 4K TV the C61K routinely goes black screen - no display for a split second; selecting 4K CH104-106 it informs me that only 1080P is being displayed.

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‎02-01-2019 2:06 PM

Re: Older Genie Clients on Genie 2

The 3rd generation Genie HR54 cannot output to 4 Clients at the same time, only 3 like the other regular Genies. Whatever agent allowed an order with 5 Clients, instead of the max of 3, was setting up a bad experience. You only go for more than 3 if you have not all TVs in use at the same time, such as the occasional use in the garage/workshop or exercise room.


However as has been mentioned many times before the HS17 is a very restrictive design, beyond it still has post launch issues.


Genie-2 has 7 tuners and ONLY uses clients as forbids HDDVRs (or even HD non-DVRs) from being on the account. A Genie and 2 HDDVRs is 9 tuners, more than the Genie-2 could have, and that is just 3 TVs. You can set different parental controls per box, keep a box's recording list hidden from the others if needed. Plus if main Genie goes down, every TV goes down as Clients cannot work without the main box. Having full HDDVRs instead of Clients takes some stress off the main Genie. Can still mix with Clients as well. Though I agree the C61K isn't worth it as there are only 2 channels in 4K (plus a few PPVs). There is no monthly cost difference between Client and a full receiver (HDDVR or not).

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