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No network when connected home adapter plugged in


No network when connected home adapter plugged in

New Directv customer for just over a week now.  System installed by a Directv Installer.

Genie HD DVR: HR44-500

2 Genie Mini: C41-700

AT&T Uverse Gateway: Pace Model 5031NV

Since day one had problems with on demand not working consistently because of slow internet speed.  2 days ago come home and tv with genie mini show no network available.  Unplug and reset gateway and receivers to no avail.

Finally after much trouble shooting discover if I unplug Ethernet cable to Directv Connected Home Adapter (DCA2SRO-01) internet regains full speed and consistency immediately and TV's attached to genie mini come back on.  Assuming on demand or WH-dvr sync will not work with home adapter unplugged though.

Any thoughts on what is causing the conflict that is bringing entire network and internet speed to a halt?


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Re: No network when connected home adapter plugged in

Your first problem, hr44 have the network adapter built in. Then go: Menu -> Settings and Help -> Settings -> Network Setup -> Restore defaults (this will not do anything to your actual settings).

Then Go to the Network Setup menu again and repeat the network setup. And you'll be good to go.

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Re: No network when connected home adapter plugged in

The HR44 has built in wifi. So It appears that you have a network loop. Leave the cck install and do a restore defaults under the network set up follow by a red button reset

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Re: No network when connected home adapter plugged in

Had the exact same issue. Had Directv installed on July 2nd. Had network issues, on July 4th a directv technician came out and installed the "connected home adapter". I noticed after he left that none of my wifi devices has a wifi connection. I called the directv tech that installed the "connected home adapter", he said to reset my modem and router. Did that, still had issues. Thinking that may router went out, I went out and purchased a $170 router. Same issue, so I then took the "connected home adapter" off my router. My Internet is now at full speed.

I decided to keep my Directv Genie connected through wifi and hope for the best.

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