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No HD/no picture - Genie and mini Genie


No HD/no picture - Genie and mini Genie

I have Genie on one TV and mini Genie on the other.  Mini Genie keeps freezing and eventually shows blank screen.  I tried resetting and unplugging.  Neither resolved it.  One with Genie works fine however.  I call tech support and she had me go through all the trouble shooting steps including resetting Genie that was working fine.  Mini Genie still doesn't work so a technician is scheduled to come to my house this Saturday.  When I was watching TV with Genie later, I realized that the HD now doesn't work!  Genie blows!  Is there anything I can try in the meantime before Saturday to improve this?

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Re: No HD/no picture - Genie and mini Genie

What do you mean " HD doesn't work"?

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