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New System Install


New System Install

Just had a new direct tv system installed yesterday. Having difficulty with the genie go.

I have the 3 blue lights, my tv is connected to the internet. I have tried to reset the genie go,

re-install the apps etc.

Called support a couple of times. Got disconnected after being routed to a Genie Go dept. (After told that doesn't exist).

Then last night was on the phone to customer support again and got no where. After a couple of hours

they told me to go to bed and it might work in the morning. (it didn't).

I am trying to use my iPhone 5 and a Mac Book pro.

The iPhone gives me the invalid e-mail/password combination.

The laptop just gives me an error and says that one or more items are needed.

I logged into my direct tv account and noticed that the box wasn't checked for Mobile DVR service.

30 min later they turned it on but very frustrating because i don't think anyone knows how this thing works.

I am using a MAC and they told me to go to start/programs…

I read through all the posts here and it seems that there are a lot of the same issues but I couldn't find a solution.

Is there one?

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Re: New System Install

I would try first to get the GenieGo working with the iPhone first as there are a few folks that have reported issues with newer MacBook pros
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Re: New System Install

If you are a new customer with new service, I have noticed it takes up to 48 hours for your online account to post and accept the receiver being activated. All the Genie Go and DirecTV applications require this information from the online account. Had you been a customer for a little while and already had your online account setup the applications and Genie GO device instantly talk with the Genie/HDDVR.

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