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New Gui

How to find ip address on HR54 which is updated with new GUI.....

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‎11-05-2019 12:15 PM

Re: New Gui

My DVR is the  Genie HR44, but has the same horrific OS update which is far more complicated to negotiate than the previous system. Everything now requires more steps:

1) on your Remote, press “Menu”, then using arrow keys, make sure the blue bar/“Cursor” is on the left window.

2) scroll down to “Settings”, selecting that option.

3)Select “Info &Test” on the right hand window tile/section, under Settings.

4) in the next window that opens, on the bottom right hand corner, there are two options. Select the bottom one labelled “Genie Info”.

5) in the following window, using arrow keys on remote, keep scrolling down until the “NETWORK” section shows; (you will need to keep scrolling far down to see this. Once you pass the “Remote” section, you will see it.) the I.P Address will be listed in the first line here.


Hopefully with the next update if DirecTV is paying any attention to their unhappy customers, ease of use will be as before this deplorable interface was forced on us.

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Re: New Gui

I don't have the time to REPLY to all of the complaints and some of them are TOO LOUD if you know what I mean.  I will only say that the font of the new format is too small.  It is difficult or impossible to read.  I have a 42 inch TV and my viewing distance is about 14 feet.  I have no idea of the fonr "size" but is far too small.   How can I make it LARGER!!!!


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Re: New Gui

Sagintex, sadly, you are stuck with the mess that is the latest update. ATT/DirecTV foisted this atrocious update on us with no option to increase the ridculously small and illegible font. Trust me, the too small font are the least of the worries. Just wait until you go stumbling through the different tiles/popup windows/ layers of the guide and/or playlist, where one step from the previous system, now takes at least five steps, or is just simply no longer available at all.


What is so reprehensible is their refusal to just downgrade to their previous GUI system, with which almost all customers were perfectly satisfied. Nobody wants an update to this mess. We just want it to go away altogether.

ATT are you even LISTENING to your VERY unhappy customers.


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Re: New Gui

Plus I did lose recordings. 36 to be exact.

And the whole thing is slow.

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Re: New Gui

"Hopefully with the next update if DirecTV is paying any attention to their unhappy customers, ease of use will be as before this deplorable interface was forced on us."


I've seen a thread from November 2017 of people complaining about a new GUI. I just got a new HR54 1 month ago. It still had the great fast interface of the past that I was used to. It just took an update last night and now I have the same Krap GUI that everyone's talking about. Why wasn't that GUI there when the installer upgraded my good HR24 last month!? I would have canceled my service right there. They waited 1 month to give this krap, and it's still krap even after 6 months. I thought they were going to fix this krap!?

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