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New Genie Install and Whole-Home DVR Not Working


New Genie Install and Whole-Home DVR Not Working

I just recently had a new Genie installed to replace an older non-dvr hd box that failed.  I have 3 existing HR22-100's to go along with my new Genie HR44-500.

Previously, Whole-Home DVR worked fine as I had all of the receivers networked with wired access through an enterprise mesh setup.  I work for a Networking Vendor, so creating a wireless mesh network to offer wired access to devices is quite simple for me. 

Currently, all four DVR's show connected to the internet, but none of them see each other on the network.  I believe during the installation of the genie, a new multi-port coax device was added to increase the total number of available tuners from my dish. 

I have seen in other posts that having HR22-100's wired together required some sort of DECA device, but I've never had one of these and it always worked fine. 

Why would introducing the Genie into my network prevent the Whole-Home DVR service from working?  If I need DECA's, why didn't my installer indicate that?  Do I have to pay for these devices if so?

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Re: New Genie Install and Whole-Home DVR Not Working

How were your HR22's networked before?   The absolutely need a DECA network device for DirecTV's supported Whole Home Networking with the HR44, and each other.  The installer should have provided those, so call back DirecTV and request that they send someone to properly finish the job.

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Re: New Genie Install and Whole-Home DVR Not Working

It appears that you had been running what we refer to as an unsupported Ethernet based Whole Home system.  Because you already had 3 DVR's (6 tuners) there was not room on your dish for the Genies 5 added tuners.  Thus the installer had to install a SWM16 to expand your system to 16 tuners.  At one time Directv also used Zinwell 6x16 legacy multiswitches but I don't believe they install those any more.  You need to post back the model number off the device they installed as well as pressing dash :smileyminus: button on one of the remotes and post back what message you receive.

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