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New Directv GUI - ATTROCIOUS DISASTER! - Are you kidding me?

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New Directv GUI - ATTROCIOUS DISASTER! - Are you kidding me?



because they need to be fired!


WOW Directv???? You couldnt come up with anything better than that BLAND DISMAL ATTROCIOUS design of a menu?


Thank you for ruining my TV experience. Not joking! Not happy either!

Good Work !

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Re: can't read new HD guide (font too small)

Hi Richard

I fear it's getting worse! I've lost track of what I've complained about. At this point the newest and biggest issue is not being able to advance the timeline from current time on a channel. It stops at about six hours. This is one way to set a recording since I am still unable to see future showings other than going to the Search option and now even that is only listing the next showing weeks show. But this is just a band-aid. I can't Record the series for every program I want to watch the following week in the Series Manager!! There's no room! Can you see THIS is by far the biggest glitch with the new program!! I can live with the small font. I can live with the complicated format. It's a PIA but I'm getting used to it but not being able to record future programs is a MAJOR fault in the programming since the majority of things people watch are a series. This more than anything will lose your business!!

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Re: can't read new HD guide (font too small)

Direct tv  change  their Guide recently . They should Think about customers when designing . Its clear the designer didn't consider people would be sitting at a distance on their couches when designing new guide. Please change it back. It's so bad can't see from even 6feet away. Who wants to sit on top of tv to see guide. No , "I don't need glasses."

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Re: What have you done?

Hello diane002, I will take a stab at translating "techie". DirecTV has
had different generations of both receivers and DVR's.  An early
generation had a letter followed by a numerical string D1x-x00 for
receivers and dvr's which included which manufacturer who built the
receiver and or dvr.  The next generation followed with H2X-x00 for
receivers and HR2X-x00 for dvr's.  The next evolution were the genies
(dvr's) H34-700, H44-x00 receiver, HR44-x00 dvr's and HR54-x00 dvr.  The
latest is the HS17-x00 which is the current unit which has clients
designated by the letter "C" of multiple series both wired and wireless
types.  I believe that the different types of equipment were introduced
to improve the viewer's experience.  The capabilities changed and
evolved over time.  This is the hardware side.  The software side also
evolved over time.  The (GUI/UI) Graphical User Interface/User Interface
is what gives your equipment the ability to use the hardware such as
watching a program, recording a program or seeing what is playing now or
in the future.  I hope that I was able to clear a few things up.


Kenneth [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]

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Recent SW update.

OK I understand it is not possible to go back to the previous version, but there has to be a method to restore performance. This update substantially slowed down my system. What is the trick?  

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Re: New Guide and Look

Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention on the layout of the new menu.


I will be passing this along to our development team. Your view of this change to the menu is very important and I will make sure your critique will be heard.  


 Here is an article which provides additional information on the changes and the new features as well as frequent asked questions.


Thank you again for your assistance and have a wonderful day!


Georgia, AT&T Community Specialist


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Genie interface update

After new Genie interface update, I no longer can view my progression during playback. The play bar disappeared so I have no idea where I am at during the movie. All buttons work just cannot see where your at when FF or RWDing

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Re: can't read new HD guide (font too small)

Hello diane002, That is a very unusual problem of the guide only going
forward for 6 hours into the future.  I'm not sure what you have done to
solve the problem but a menu reset using the remote to restart the
receiver should be done.  After a restart the guide will take time, it
could take a few days, to repopulate with up to 14? days of
programming.  If this doesn't work you could ask someone to assist you
or use DirecTV technical support.


Kenneth [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]

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Re: Recent update

Well,  that bites!  I think that a company as large as Directv would care about all clients,  not just the young ones and/or the wealthy ones.  I can't a think of another reason why Directv  would so go ahead with the last update after all the negative comments,  after all, there are many,  many clients that do not have new flat televisions,  do not have 65" televisions,  and do not have very good vision.  

Anyway,  thank you litzdog911 for taking the time to answer my question. 

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Re: Recent update

Is that an ATT bot that keeps reposting the FAQ page with links that no one at ATT has still fixed?

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Re: What have you done?


The GUI fiasco. Even an extra step to try and get to a playlist view.


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Re: What have you done?

NOT SURPRISED!! A very nice memo from a Direct TV employee appeared about the changes saying basically click here and it would take me to a place that would explain all about why the changes happened etc. Well I clicked and I got "No Content"! HEY Direct TV your fixes even need fixing!!!

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Re: What have you done?

Hey @mrsnak  If your going to post screenshot at least post the right corresponding menu which is this vs old UI menu



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New Guide New Look Employee Response Issue

AT&T Employee Georgia posted a memo saying that if we clicked on "Article" it would address concerns and questions about the "New Guide New Look". However when I do that I get a "Page not found" message on all the subjects!!! I did this multiple times with the same outcome. Since the change it seems that DAILY it gets worse not better!

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Re: What have you done?

I live for this group. 

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Re: What have you done?

Dear Kenneth Fingeret

Thanks for the attempt to resolve my issue but without telling me HOW to do a "menu reset by using the remote to restart the receiver" is actually useless information. I have no idea what that means. In addition the prospect of waiting maybe FOURTEEN DAYS to repopulate the Guide is completely unacceptable!! I WAS willing to give Direct TV a few weeks to get it together and clean this mess up before I dumped them but daily things get worse. 



Diane 002

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