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New Directv GUI - ATTROCIOUS DISASTER! - Are you kidding me?

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New Directv GUI - ATTROCIOUS DISASTER! - Are you kidding me?



because they need to be fired!


WOW Directv???? You couldnt come up with anything better than that BLAND DISMAL ATTROCIOUS design of a menu?


Thank you for ruining my TV experience. Not joking! Not happy either!

Good Work !

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Re: The new user interface is horrible

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Re: The new user interface is horrible

GmaHrn  Makes cord cutting a lot better option.  I had TIVO when DirevTv had it a long time and liked it very much.  Much better than this antiquated "state of the art guide" we have now. .
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Re: The new user interface is horrible

You know that message saying the problem has been solved in this thread?  Not only is it a lie but a slap in our face.  I really do not expect a lot more from at&t. 

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Re: The new user interface is horrible

HR44-500 (Ethernet) & HR24-100

Revision (Software) 0x114b

Non Genie Remote (old style)

60” TV - Viewing Distance 14’


New Revision Review As Promised 


1. Deleting Programs:  Previously when stopping a program (which was in a folder of recordings) to delete, the menu would jump to another dissimilar folder when the DVR was in the process of recording a current program. I have been testing this with several folders and a program which is in the process of recording. So far it has not misstepped but time will tell.


 2. The Black Bar: It blinks out in 5 seconds. Not a sports fan, sorry, so it's passable.




3. Manage Recordings: OMG how could you make it any worse than it already was. To recap: The main screen did not, and still does not, show in list mode the upcoming recordings for each show. This requires one to cursor to each show to get that information. A mind numbing waste of time. But wait, let's revise it to make it even less functional. Select any program that has more than one recording ... Select other showings ... and what do you see? You only see the first show to be recorded and a dead end to find out anything else about recordings past that. But wait, it doesn't stop there. There are shows I have in the cue to record that show 9 recordings and are definitely marked in the Guide that, in the same area, claim there are no shows to record at all. Yet another CORE function that is inexcusable to mess up.


Furthermore :


4. There are still other inefficiencies/dysfunctions in the menu software that have been reported repeatedly across the DTV hardware spectrum that remain unfixed. From the get go, fixes have been few and far between. This is not to belabor the fact that the software should have never been released in the wild in that condition. Laying aside the issue of changing a working menu system so drastically it's been painfully obvious, from the beginning, that it was rushed to market with minimal thought for how it might impact satellite customers.




ATT/DTV, your performance is not one of a professional company that deserves to earn loyalty and confidence in your product. The disregard you've shown for your customer's needs will not be rewarded with endless patience. Your tarnished brand will not hold it's own when confronted with endless competition. And your untrustworthiness will certainly not convert satellite customers to future DTV streamers. Your bleeding customers not because of the environment you're competing in, but because of your own incompetence.


As customers, 'We have not been dealing with Bugs, we have been dealing with Dragons.'


And as I previously stated, it's no longer waiting for a fix ... it's waiting for the right replacement. 


Therefore, send not to know

For whom the bell tolls,

It tolls for thee.


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Re: The new user interface is horrible

@GmaHrn  That nice but NOT at $500 OMG only 1TB what Planet is TiVo living on

You should check out the HDHomerun Scribe Duo with built-in DVR and Servio 2TB network-attached storage


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Re: The new user interface is horrible

Yup.  The black box is another fail. They changed the placement of your forward progress indicator. And I think they made it smaller... AGAIN.  

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Re: The new user interface is horrible

The last several updates (I'm on 0x114b, HR44) I have noticed a problem with downloaded On-Demand programs. I'm not seeing an expiration date. I have to look at my older DVR's to find out when a downloaded program expires. I see the triangle with the exclamation mark but no date. I've lost a few programs until I realized what was going on. Am I missing where the delete date is?

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Re: The new user interface is horrible

Um, NOT in my world....  If you've got a way to MOVE a recording (change it's priority), moving the recording UP or DOWN the list of recordings a screen at a time, please provide the sequence of steps you use to accomplish this...


Not MOVING through the list, RE-ORDERING the list...



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Re: The new user interface is horrible

I was, and still am, sufficiently disgusted with the wretched interface that I spent some time researching and talking to Dish..........


The HOUSE was easy, and quite a bit cheaper for 2 years - I'm not sure how anybody has found a way to get the same programming with equivalent equipment with Directv CHEAPER for at least 2 years, than Dish....  But if you are, can you post exactly how you did it 'cause I'd LOVE to reduce the Directv bill...


UNFORTUNATELY, the RV was the HUGE sticking point.  The equipment Dish makes available for the RV is extremely limited, has very poor handling of OTA channels (compared to the AM51 (or whatever the thing that connects the OTA channels to the DVR is), and for HD would require a $1600, roof mounted dish...  The whole setup was such a kludge that it was less painful to just stay with Directv until they kill their SD programming and make the AM51 unusable, and continue to use the Winegard 1518 for automatically connecting to the satellite when traveling.


So, for the time being, despite this <whole string of vulgar insults> interface, we're stuck here.  But, when I have to invest in a bunch of new equipment to get Directv in the RV (killing the SD channels or making it impossible to put OTA channels into the DVR), I'm planning on being gone.  And who know, by then high-speed Internet on the road may be cheap enough that we just throw out everything and stream whatever we want...

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Re: The new user interface is horrible



Tivo pricing can be a tad confusing. The Bolt OTA is $249. Subscription fees are $6.99/mth or I believe about $70/yr. Add a lifetime subscription, to the specific unit, and it runs another about $249 which gets one to the $500 mark. When you are looking to have the added cable option, either use OTA or cable, the price goes up considerably depending on the number of tuners. There is no denying TiVo is the most expensive option for OTA but it delivers the most features that others are now attempting to catch up with and also some streaming main stays. https://www.tivo.com/products/ota-detail

If one goes to https://www.weaknees.com/ you can get a Romio unit that has been refurbished for less that includes a lifetime membership ... while they last.


Homerun definately has some cost advantages with, in some cases, a feature to add on a cable package like streaming service but it is a more techie solution. https://www.silicondust.com/product/hdhomerun-quatro/ https://www.silicondust.com/premium-tv/  TiVo installs on cable lines already established in many peoples houses and in that case can be used to watch DVR content without WIFI on main or mini units. It the closest thing to generic cable and satellite and in the long still runs cheaper than satellite or cable.


Tablo is another option. It has/or is adding features like TiVo. https://www.tablotv.com/

CES announcement https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/tablo-commercial-skip-ces-2019/


And lets not forget some of these types of options require an external hard drive for storage where TiVo does not.


Bottom line, I still think this is a good time to be waiting it out. Directv Now is pushing audio 5.1 and every time someone ups the anti, everyone scrambles to keep up. And I don't get the sense that people in the rural areas will be totally shut out. Dish is positioning itself to pick the bones of DTV and still present itself as a streaming presence which is pretty smart. OTA customers are gaining speed and the market is responding in kind while streaming content providers are jockeying for the lead spot in a fast paced evolving environment that's preparing for new ways to provide bandwidth. We are all part of a very interesting shift in media delivery/communication and it's fun to watch. And, as much as I hate to have to say this, don't count ATT totally out yet. Even though they are fumbling the ball in the end zone, there's still some seconds left on the clock. 

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Re: The new user interface is horrible

I’m now on 0x114b (HR44-500) and the problem in the playlist folder is still there:


When you have a program in a folder that airs daily at, say 4:00 and 4:30 for example, and you have 10 episodes, you scroll down to the end of the list to reach the earliest aired episode. Watch that one (say that’s the 4:00 one), when you delete it, the default is the next 4:00 one instead of the 4:30 (or next) episode. It doesn’t remain at the bottom of the list but goes up one. The problem is it doesn’t do it every time, so I haven’t found out under what circumstances it does it. 


Also, when you delete a show and a new recording has begun since you began watching, instead of the list remaining where it was, it jumps back to the top. For example, you’re in the “R” section sorted alphabetically and watching Reasonable Doubt. When you go back, instead of it being way down in the Rs, it jumps back to the top where the active recordings are. 


I do agree with @GmaHrn that the situation where you could accidentally delete the wrong recording is pretty much gone, though I’m also very cautious when deleting. 




“2. The Black Bar: It blinks out in 5 seconds. Not a sports fan, sorry, so it's passable.”


You can change this in your settings. I have mine to two seconds (the minimum).


And I agree, “Other Showings” shouldn’t show only the episode, but the upcoming shows of that SERIES (like it used to). 



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Re: The new user interface is horrible



I hope you can prove me wrong but I am 99 percent certain there is no setting that controls how long the progress/play bar stays on the screen.


Update: Now 100 percent certain, you are referring to the top banner, the progress bar has no such controls.

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Re: The new user interface is horrible

In my settings, when I change the setting you’re referring to, Banner Time, from 2 seconds to 8 seconds, it increased the time the play/pause bar stayed on. It wasn’t eight seconds, it was more like 6, but it increased. 


When I set it back to 2 seconds, it reverted back to what it was earlier. I didn’t time that one, but it was substantially quicker. I assumed that’s what that setting was. 


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Re: The new user interface is horrible

I have a HR44-500 with 0x114b, it just updated the other day.  This new UI is awful, but the biggest problem I have is that most of the recordings on my Playlist just disappear.  I have to reset the DVR for them to come back, only to disappear a few days later.  And, of course, there is only 1 default setting to sort the Playlist.  I much prefer alphabetical order and hate the fact that I have to press 0 every time to sort it.  It's extremely annoying! 


However, my question is this, does anyone have any experience with 0x114b possibly fixing the problem of recordings simply disappearing from the Playlist?

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Re: The new user interface is horrible

@smolenski7 wrote:


... However, my question is this, does anyone have any experience with 0x114b possibly fixing the problem of recordings simply disappearing from the Playlist?

Yes.  v0x114b fixes the "missing recording" bug. 

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