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Re: The new user interface is horrible

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New Directv GUI - ATTROCIOUS DISASTER! - Are you kidding me?



because they need to be fired!


WOW Directv???? You couldnt come up with anything better than that BLAND DISMAL ATTROCIOUS design of a menu?


Thank you for ruining my TV experience. Not joking! Not happy either!

Good Work !

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Re: The new user interface is horrible

Fool me once, shame on you ... Fool me twice shame on me


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Re: The new user interface is horrible

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Re: The new user interface is horrible

Loved how he did not mention DTV Now is in the tank.

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Re: The new user interface is horrible

It's surreal enough to become a show on the Syfy channel.

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Re: The new user interface is horrible

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Re: The new user interface is horrible

Hi All,


I wanted to provide an update to everyone regarding the Play/Pause bar and it's transparency level.  I know the goal was for it to be almost completely transparent, and hopefully the latest update that is starting to roll out will be better than the previous iterations.  It looks like this will be the final version of the Play/Pause bar from what I'm hearing, as there are visual requirements we have to meet for those customers that have visual impairments.





I know this isn't the perfect solution for all customers, but I hope that this is an improvement for those folks that watch news and sports.



Tim, AT&T Community Strategy

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: The new user interface is horrible



Until I see it in action I won't be able to determine if sports scores/news headlines will be readable but sadly this looks like it misses the mark. Tim, thanks for trying but what I don't understand is if Directv is legitimately concerned with visual impaired viewers, why is the Directv NOW progress bar almost fully transparent? 


Furthermore, why can't you eliminate all the shading that is not directly behind the title text and time text?


Is this really the last correction, can you not ask the powers above you to improve it further?


Very disappointing, I guess it really is time to gather research on other cable/tv/satellite options.


Finally, can you at least post a screenshot with a scoreboard underneath it?


Update: The more I look at your picture, the more it appears that it is not any clearer than the progress bar I have currently with the 0x114b update, was it even changed?

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Re: The new user interface is horrible

Looks almost as bad as before, and your screenshot looks like the progress bar is at the very bottom of the screen. Can't they move it up higher?


Very disappointing--I think the "visually impaired customers" is a copout. I've seen other services (that I'm sure have to meet the same requirements) that have a transparent progress bar. And if the engineers insist that this is some sort of phantom requirement, how about a toggle so visually impaired customers can turn it on to black, and the rest of us that have been complaining forever can toggle it to transparent?


Seriously? A multibillion dollar company that relies on software can't give us a choice? Are the engineers that inept that they can't write code for a toggle?

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Re: The new user interface is horrible

@imaref  @ATTTimCS 


Yes Imaref this stinks and I don't blame Tim the messenger, I blame Directv/AT&T for giving him this visually impaired excuse that does not mesh with common sense and reality. It does not appear to be any different than the one currently used on 0x114b.


And again, give us what you use on Directv NOW, what is the excuse for not at least giving us the same progress bar that NOW uses.

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Re: The new user interface is horrible

Agreed. I was ranting at AT&T, not Tim (who has been helpful since the beginning, especially at getting back the ability to record from a specific channel).


This is just unbelievable to me. Why can other services give so many options for size, color, etc. but Directv cannot? Or chooses not to?


Being able to customize user experience should be a priority. But with multibillion dollar debt, I see that profit is the priority motive. Doesn't AT&T get that satisifed customers that stay for many years = better bottom line?


I'm disgusted, to say the least.

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Re: The new user interface is horrible

@imaref @ATTTimCS 


I agree with you Imaref, I wonder why Directv/ATT does not want to strive to have the best GUI in the business but I digress, here is the thing, I bet if you did a poll of the visually impaired, what would you rather have the ability to read while fast forwarding?


A. Sports scores/news headlines


B. The title of the program you are watching.


Results, 99 percent choose A.


But again, even with zero shading, can the visually impaired still read the title just fine as the example of the NOW progress bar, I think so. But at the very least, remove the shading in non title/time areas.


Technically though we don't need a title on a program, at the very least you would just need minimal shading underneath the timeline bar and minimal shading underneath the small boxed time of program text.


Update: Look at the 1:04 mark, Directv/ATT, this is your NOW progress bar, why can't we have this? Can someone here screenshot at 1:04 to illustrate the stark difference? Look at the title, if you are concerned with legibility, the font size and font style is better than what Tim posted, all with zero shading behind it. Bogus excuse (from ATT, not blaming Tim).


@ATTTimCS  can you please one more time get the video below to the powers that be and find out why we can't have this NOW bar, thank you. The NOW progress bar on the Directv satellite receivers would be awesome.





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Re: The new user interface is horrible


You have wait for AT&T Osprey Android power C71KW-400 set-top box along with the new HS27 headless server just in case any one is interested



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Re: The new user interface is horrible



Is this for IPTV or is it compatible with the roof sat dish? Are you testing a prototype? If so does it have a progress bar like the clear NOW bar?

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Re: The new user interface is horrible


As far I can fig out it look like it a dual mode for both Sat Dish and Internet that if they go this route but the hint is that a HS27 is needed so have wonder what the big plans are and no I don't have the prototype and if was I be under an NDA so I wouldn't be able to say jack about it.

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Re: The new user interface is horrible

So true,


How many times have you been watching a pre-recorded program and then forgotten the name of the show you were watching in that there was a need to be shown the name of the program you had selected , like NEVER !!!!!

And, even IF you wanted to check , isn't that why there is a dedicated key called "INFO" on the remote ....

OMG, make the progress bar as minimal as you can , and IF there is a segment of the viewers that need it to cover the bottom 1/4 of the screen, then give them a menu setting under an "Accessibility" tab in the setup menu that they can select super large non-transparent banner that will cover the bottom 1/4 of their screen.....


Also , I would love to see a "Quick select" Guide that has top 3/4 screen with just channel logo's (that I can add/remove and re-arrange) and then bottom 1/4 of screen the "guide" for the selected channel....


Oh how much scrolling and time this would save...



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