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Re: Long list of problems with new guide (UI)

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New Directv GUI - ATTROCIOUS DISASTER! - Are you kidding me?



because they need to be fired!


WOW Directv???? You couldnt come up with anything better than that BLAND DISMAL ATTROCIOUS design of a menu?


Thank you for ruining my TV experience. Not joking! Not happy either!

Good Work !

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Re: Long list of problems with new guide (UI)

HR44-500 (Ethernet) & HR24-100

Revision (Software) 0x1088

Non Genie Remote (old style)




You can try solidsignal



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Re: Long list of problems with new guide (UI)

Hello gary245,

I suspect that AT&T/DirecTV is doing its best to remove all of the 2X's
and the 3X's as well as anything in the 1X line.  That will give them
the 4X's, the 5X's, the HS17's and of course the clients.  A great
reduction in the inventory.  They still will do their best to get rid of
the 4X's and 5X's eventually so that the inventory is reduced to only
the HS17's, possibly some newer HS's and whatever clients both currently
and newer clients.  This eventually will reduce the total remaining
inventory base.  I suspect if this comes about then the choice will be
one from column A, an HS and two or three from column B, one or more
clients.  As to the satellites in the heavens it might revert to only
the three satellite areas at 99 degrees, 101 degrees and 103 degrees as
110 degrees and 119 degree satellites would not not used.  This makes
the dish installation a great deal easier as aiming at 101 degrees
brings AT&T/DirecTV back full circle to the early days when there was
only 101 degree satellites.  The addition of 110 degrees and 119 degrees
involves the tilt to get them to work properly.  The wiring requirement
hasn't changed but the one HS and up to seven clients makes installing
the hardware easier.  It doesn't even hurt that some of the clients are
wireless as well as retaining the ability to be wired.  Costs for
AT&T/DirecTV are greatly reduced throughout the whole system. A big win
for them!  What it does for us is a different story.  If some changes
are made then it could be either better or worse for us.  Each and every
one of us will ultimately decide.  Stay or go!


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Re: Long list of problems with new guide (UI)

to get all recorded programs to show up I am having to restart my receiver!
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‎11-08-2019 11:01 AM

Re: Long list of problems with new guide (UI)

@Newformatblues wrote:
to get all recorded programs to show up I am having to restart my receiver!

 No.  You can also find them in the Genie's "Record History" or "Manage Recordings" menus.


ACEs are customers too, NOT employees. Answers are based on experience. I strive to give honest answers, even if not always appreciated. If you posted personal information, please edit and remove.

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Re: Long list of problems with new guide (UI)

Leave the recordings in one place in alpha order!! Don’t want to search for a recordings.
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Why am I being billed to be ALPHA tester to this DISASTER?

I was professional computer hardware and software engineer systems developer for over 40 years, and I appreciate your attempts to fixing this disaster, but I would appreciate it more if you could roll back to the original format and select a group of users that are willing to be your Alpha testers, as this release was not even BETA ready.  Your approach is in total disregard of ADA persons (persons with disabilities and the aged).  I have had to purchase Netflix and Amazon Prime for multiple households so homebound can continue to have stress free pleasurable entertainment, and you truly do not give a rats butt about persons with brain injuries and such by not pulling this disaster or offering your customers, most since Tivo in 1996, the option of the old format until you can roll out something that is deemed minimally professional - this release is NOT CLOSE.  I can only pray loudly and a lot that the staff and management involved in this release is not indicative of anybody working in our nation's power grid, Flight or shipping navigation control, or any other basic or life support systems.  This is appalling, and your attitude of entitlement to a job regardless of performance and lack of taking pride in delivering a quality product is the reason I left the workforce recently, I could not fight the changing culture of not giving a rats butt in the quality of work and skipping life cycle phases of quality design, unit testing, integration testing, and systems testing and instead throwing crap over the fence and the users having not choice but to swallow and adapt to it.  This release TRULY represents America's workforce generation today.  It also has the largest audience to witness the downfall of America as your release and dismantling and replacing functional systems with literally crap is representative of what America is doing across all disciplines by lowering expectations of our youth, and people, this is what you get.  So if you need any medical procedures or trade work done, do so before the last of the older generation retires.  As a paying Direct TV customer since beta Tivo 1996 era, I should NOT have had my rates increased, my billing raised from 3 genies to 7 genies when I only have the Genie server and ONE remote genie in use, and two remote genies that died two years ago about 6 months after installation.  So ATT, not only this release becomes a disaster, your billing is theft relying on basis people have autopay enabled or, in our case, so overwhelmed in daily work and caring for the disabled and elderly we don't have time to examine how the bills mysteriously just change - always in a manner that increases our expense that is incorrect. 


But there is an upside to this horrible release and the severe aggravation and anger while trying to relax and heal it has caused, if gives me the only positive aspect to being terminal, as I have had to witness toasters that used to work years now need to be replaced monthly, washers/dryers/refrigerators/heat pumps all are garbage now, to list a few, and ATT's take over of DirectTV and dismantling it to a pile of crap and falsely upping my bill as icing on the cake.  I'm eating humble pie with my DISH friends, as my husband is now on the phone with them.  Between 1-3am EST anything in my list that is a folder is gone, and does not return for days regardless of the press 0 twice workaround (which by the way if you call the 800 number they claim no knowledge of ANY issues with new release and to get online to report issues if I BELIEVE there are any - another total disregard for ADA concerns). 

The left arrow never offers you the choice the RESUME, START OVER, DELETE, and if you play something on your list and just want to back up a few minutes it will jump you to the beginning, and you cannot jump to the end to backup from because you have to record two hours for one hour shows in order to ensure you do not get a half recording when something like a football game causes all the shows to run an hour late - something you'd think at this day and age DirectTV would have spent the time addressing auto ensuring to get an entire program when something runs over, but instead spent the energy in tossing a functional system into a grinder and releasing however and whatever bits came out.

I delete, for example, Elementary after watching it, go to list and it is still there, but the entire NCIS folder is GONE … wt?

I fall asleep while watching something in a folder and wake up to all of them gray because they auto played the folder while TV was off and tech support says they are emulating Netflix and Amazon - well hello folks - via the web app those products offer in profile to either turn on or off autoplay the next one, so why can't DirectTV?

The bugs are too numerous to mention, as well as the features lost.  I used to be able to quickly find HISTORY of things recorded, cancelled, or deleted.

I would participate in replies that had bullet list of things to fix, but this release is so disgusting and representative of the coddling that has become the norm in what should be instead a business where the duties are performed by qualified staff, I SHOULD NOT BE BILLED to train your staff that obviously do NOT care what they program.  I want a refund from April to Present, I want any bill that reflects I have more than three tv's being charged corrected and I do NOT appreciate ATT's practice in all their billing (other than direct TV) to sneak in charges on bills knowing most folks do not check them, my parents have NEVER had a phone line for internet nor used one, so how come when I drop by I see for over last six months they being charged for high speed access (they didn't ask for it, I didn't, their neighbors I checked with suddenly have it too - heck, I'm still trying to teach them a flip phone and you charge them for something like this!!!!! thieves, shieckster, swindler.  ) 


Please offer the option for disabled and elderly to have the prior WORKING and FUNCTIONAL format until you get whatever you have out there past ALPHA and BETA testing.

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Re: can't read new HD guide (font too small)

Have a 49" screen and sit 10 Ft from it.  The new font size is a blessing, now I can read the info block without squinting 

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Re: can't read new HD guide (font too small)

Genie Gen 2, HR44-500 (replaced dead HR44-700) (WiFi)
Software 0x1104, Thur, 8-9-18, 3:04 AM
Genie Mini, C51-700
Client Sortware 0xfba 2017/11/15, 0x1oof Downloaded Tue 7/3


As you can see by my screen name, I've been at this DTV thing for a while also.  The only consoling I can give is that you are not alone.  We feel your pain and you have come to the right place for moral support.  Other than that, we are at their mercy.  What helps me is that there are some funny and very smart people on this forum so I sort of get some entertainment here instead of the lousy experience my TV has now become.


I still want to know how the big guy at AT&T gets his TV??!!  Most surely it is not DirecTV.



AT&T Test Dummy

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Re: can't read new HD guide (font too small)

Hello YouRuinedDTV,

This might help you to understand the new AT&T/DirecTV operation!





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Re: can't read new HD guide (font too small)

Hello Since1996,

Instead of AT&T Test Dummy it could be AT&T Crash Test Dummy due to the
fact that the whole DirecTV experience came crashing down!!!



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Re: can't read new HD guide (font too small)

Maybe its time for ATT to change the name. Direct TV becomes Humptey Dumptey.

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Re: can't read new HD guide (font too small)

HR44-500 (Ethernet) & HR24-100

Revision (Software) 0x1104

Non Genie Remote (old style)

60” TV - Viewing Distance 14’


Review of Revision 1104

(Please note we do not all have the same problems so this relates to my setup only)



  1. Header is vertically larger than necessary and a portion could be devoted back to the programming area helping the guide display another line for a channel.
  2. Channel listing is horizontally larger than necessary and a portion could also be devoted back to the programming area towards helping the guide display a full 2 hours.
  3. Programming font size could be reduced slightly to also help display another line for a channel and to open up the Guide to a full 2 hours.
  4. The 'Blue Line', reminiscent of an old fashion radio dial,  is distracting but strangely does quickly mark where you are in terms of the current time. Don't hate it, don’t love it. 
  5. The Date and Time font is fine for a large screen but is too small for others.
  6. The 1.5 hour display of programming is a poor compromise for a larger font. 2 hours should be the minimum display especially for those who program networks who carry 1/2 hour shows. The previous guide included an option to open up the guide to 3 hours which was extremely convenient for the networks when choosing ones DVR recordings. 
  7. Recording a series on a specific channel appears to now work.
  8. When selecting a program for series recording in the Guide it does not show up in 'Series Manager' even though it does display in 'Upcoming Recordings'.
  9. When selecting a program in the guide that is not currently airing for purposes of recording, the 'Record Series' option still records All Channels rather than giving an option to choose one specific channel.



  1. As noted by others, problem in a folder when exiting a recording and jumping to another unrelated program stills exists.
  2. Alphabetical sorting still can not be changed to default causing one to have to reselect it every time exiting and entering the Playlist screen. Really, really, really inefficient and annoying.
  3. Manage Recordings belongs under Continue Watching. It's the Playlist area. The first thing people go there for is to play their recordings and even though it defaults to All Recordings, why put Manage Recordings above it?
  4. In 'Manage Recordings' put the upcoming recordings in the main list for every program so one doesn’t have to select each show to see them.
  5. 'Playlist Share Settings' should be moved to the top of the 'Menu' area where it can be accessed easily. *see suggested Menu layout. 



The Menu area is a hodgepodge of items that are redundant and inefficient. Search and Recordings should be eliminated. A suggested layout could be;


  1. Playlist Share Settings  People who have multiple units will find this especially handy by moving it here. 
  2. Settings Should be a list view in the right hand pane full screen, not pics. Should be easy to navigate. (Use of larger font)
  3. What's Trending Now should replace What's on Now. Seriously how have you been picking these boxes? Make this pics and full right panel screen allowing a lot more content. I don't use this kind of feature but it appeals to a younger crowd.
  4. On Demand (also a redundant feature but if you must) Full screen right hand pane for Directv On Demand.
  5. Discover by category  Full screen right hand pane list view with icons denoting categories with description. (Use of larger font)
  6. Discover by genre  Full screen right hand pane list view. (Use of larger font)
  7. Apps Full screen pics.


Conclusion: Several areas have been addressed including Dates and Times of recordings. Some changes, such as the Font size, were not as well thought out. Major issues are still ongoing so I am reserving final judgment until they are addressed. Even if those items are fixed this Guide will never have 'the flow' the old one did for longtime users. 


And as side note, DTV dare to be different. Don’t assume because everyone is jumping on the pictorial bandwagon you should too. Where it makes sense use it, but to use it willy-nilly shows no software finesse.

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Major problem viewing..........

I don't know why nobody noticed that you cannot view a previously recorded
program in a series when the same series is being recorded. It does not
even show up in any listings no matter how hard you try. You are forced to
watch what is currently being aired; commercials and all 😞

THIS is really sneaky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Long list of problems with new guide (UI)

I quit DirecTV on 1 January after repeatedly trying to get AT&T to permit me to revert to the fully functional prior interface.  I, and many others in the 10 months since the rollout began, was repeatedly and vociferously told that was impossible.  After filing an FCC complaint, AT&T cancelled their early termination fees and called off their collection hounds.  Later, they offered me $400.00 to come back.  I told them, in no uncertain terms, that - after the way I had been treated - there was no way in H-E-double toothpicks I would ever consider doing business with AT&T for ANY product.


Last night, I got a phone call from a gentleman at 855-407-4768 who claimed to be a representative of DirecTV and knew all about my history with you.  He adamantly claimed that it was possible to revert.  I hung up and called back later to inform him of this site.  The phone answered "DirecTV," but I had to listen to screaming brats for five minutes before the man came to the phone.  I told him to quit lying to customers to get them to come back. You might want to investigate this scam artist.

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Re: Long list of problems with new guide (UI)

tell the guy to send you $400
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