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New Directv GUI - ATTROCIOUS DISASTER! - Are you kidding me?

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New Directv GUI - ATTROCIOUS DISASTER! - Are you kidding me?



because they need to be fired!


WOW Directv???? You couldnt come up with anything better than that BLAND DISMAL ATTROCIOUS design of a menu?


Thank you for ruining my TV experience. Not joking! Not happy either!

Good Work !

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Re: What have you done?

Hey @mrsnak  It depend on your remote if your has a button label LIST that how go directly to that screen

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Re: Directv new menu, lists

OMG that explains it!! The programmers stream everything and don't even use Direct TV!! That's why EVERY possible feature for recording future programs is missing and isn't being addressed! And every backdoor method I have been using to get by is disappearing! Now I can't even advance a program ahead six hours and when I do a Search the programs only show the next week! There is a culture barrier they just can't get past! Unless IT hires a consultant it's hopeless!

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slow response

new user interface slow 

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Re: Re: What have you done?

Good morning @diane002 and Community Members.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  There are occasions when the web administrators are updating the eSupport articles; they may be down for a short period of time. 

Please try the links again in a few hours.  Let us know if they continue to have 404 error messages.  We greatly appreciate our Community Members with their continual participation in this dynamic environment. 

Richard, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Recent SW update.

@Richard, AT&T Community Specialist


Please try the links again in a few hours.

The links have been broken for days.

AT&T's understanding of time must be code like in a Star Trek movie: hours mean days, days mean weeks, weeks mean months...


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Re: Recent SW update.

"AT&T's understanding of time must be code like in a Star Trek movie:
hours mean days, days mean weeks, weeks mean months..."

And customers mean nothing.
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Re: What have you done?

Hello diane002,

Sorry if it didn't make sense to you.  The two weeks of programs should
appear over the course of three days or less not taking 2 weeks to
appear.  Please let me know if this works for you.

1 - Take remote for the DVR you want to fix.

2 - Point it towards the DVR and press the Menu key.

3 - Move the arrow key until it goes to the Settings and Help (HR2x DVR)
or Settings (Genie).

4 - Push the Select button (HR2x) and it brings up Settings or use up or
down arrow till you get to Settings (Genie).

5 - Use the down arrow until you get to Reset (HR2x) or use right arrow
until you reach Reset Options (Genie).

6 - Press Select and you reach Restart Receiver (HR2x) or press Select
and you will reach Restart this receiver (Genie).

7 - Press Select and then the dash button (HR2x) or press Select and
then the dash button (Genie).

8 - Restart will happen with either type of DVR.


Kenneth [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]

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Re: New Guide and Look

the link is to topics but NONE of the questions lead to answers; rather they lead to 
Page Not Found    [Please keep it courteous]

You're looking for something that moved or doesn't exist.

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Re: Re: What have you done?

shspvr- that list button tip opens another DTV can of worms. I have been still using the larger older remote, and not the smaller, harder to use (and read in the dark) Genie remote that came with the unit.
Went to try and reprogram that one a couple days ago, and the on-screen remote programming instructions don't match up to functions on my Genie (no slider switch)
When this much work is required to get simple things to work, it's always best to stick with what does.

The list button does work on my older remote, and that saves me a few clicks. 

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Re: Re: What have you done?

I see @mrsnak  

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Accepted by Community Support (Community Support)
Accepted by ATTCustomerCare
‎04-20-2018 4:07 PM

Re: Re: What have you done?

Hello Community,


Update: 10/25/18:  Hi Everyone.  Hope you all had a great summer and were safe through the weather issues throughout the country.  I wanted to provide the latest update on the DTV UI software update as I know we have a few hot button items you all have been eagerly waiting for. 


First, we are currently in beta for the updated Play/Pause bar that we have heard so much feedback around.  We hope to have this roll out nationally in the coming weeks.  The bar will be smaller and more transparent that what it is today.


We have also heard loud and clear that shows are not displaying properly across different boxes in your home.  This has been very frustrating for you all, and I have had the same issue at my house.  This fix is also rolling out in a few weeks as well, along with the update to the Play/Pause bar.


Lastly, the other top feedback item we have heard is customers are accidentally deleting shows because of the way the delete process works.  We are currently exploring options to improve this process so this doesn't happen.  More to come on this item.  Until that time, the easiest way to avoid this is to watch the show until it stops and the option pops up to keep or delete.


Keep the feedback coming.


Tim, AT&T Community Strategy


Update: 8/17/18:  I wanted to circle back on the progress we are making toward the new UI, and a post I made back in May.  You all have been so incredibly patient, and provided fantastic feedback over the last several months.  We still have more to do, but we have been able to address all the items below, as well as the issue where shows weren't recording on a specific channel.


I know we aren't done yet, and hope to have the Playbar darkness concern addressed in the near future.  Once I get screenshots of the Beta for this release, I will share with everyone.


Update: 8/17/18 to post from 5/23/18 - These were the items we had on the roadmap to fix, and with our latest release we have now completed them.  We still have additional items that you've mentioned that we are looking at like recording and sorting options.  Our next big update will be for the Playbar darkness, but I don't have a specific date for launch as of yet.


UI Improvements:

  • Recording shows on specific channel - Complete
  • Global Left Menu font increase - Complete
  • Menu font increase for Row Header and Program Title & Description - Complete
  • Menu font color change for Highlighted cell and Hint - Complete
  • In the Menu, pressing SELECT on an item in “What’s On Now” will immediately tune to the channel instead of going to the info screen. - Complete
  • Fix One Touch Record behavior in Menu - Complete
  • Updated “Add/Edit My Teams” screen - Complete
  • Date format improvement throughout - Complete
  • Guide scrolling improvement (using Channel up or Channel down) - Complete
  • Smooth scrolling animation added to all lists (left menus, search menus, check boxes) - Complete
  • Progress bar now informs users when buffering will be finished - Complete
  • Correct alpha sort to ignore articles (A, an, the) - Complete
  • Correct Playlist season sort to be latest first - Complete
  • Correct one touch play in Playlist so that the oldest episode plays first instead of the newest episode - Complete
  • Playlist font increases & color change for center title, highlighted and non-highlighted Program Title & Description - Complete
  • Remove episode info in Series Folder descriptions in the Playlist - Complete
  • Modify deletion message to include variable for episode or series name - Complete

Performance improvements

  • Info screen & channel banner load faster - Complete
  • Guide moves faster - Complete
  • Delete operation in playlist is improved - Complete


Tim, AT&T Community Strategy




Special Note - We are aware of an issue where some DVR recordings are not displaying.  The good news is they aren't gone. 

As a temporary workaround, you can:

  • Re-sort the playlist by pressing 0 on the remote control twice (re-sort the playlist first by alphabetical order, then by recording date order)
  • View the recordings in the specific category on the left side menu (arrow left and go to Sports, Movies, Kids, etc)

We apologize for the inconvenience as we work toward a resolution. 



Update: 7/5/18 - Hi Everyone.  I hope you all had a great 4th, and were able to get some time off of work or spend time with your family and friends.  Many of you have been updated to either software version 1088 or 1100 and are starting to see improvements in latency and font/contrast.  If you are on 1088, and still feel the font is too small, rest assured 1100 will make a dramatic increase to the font size over 1088.  If you aren't sure how to check your software version, you can do so under Settings ->Info.


I also wanted to share that our next update will be addressing the Info and Playback bar as many of you have requested.  As usual, I don't have an official release date for that update, but I know that it is being worked on and will hopefully start rolling out in the near future.  I really appreciate those in the community that are taking the time to post screenshots of the differences and changes they are seeing.  We haven't resolved all the concerns yet, but I'm glad to see some positive feedback in key areas.  We will continue to work on making the UI the best it can be, so please continue sending the feedback.


Tim, AT&T Community Strategy




Update: 4/23/18 - I wanted to share a second update related to the one I posted on Friday.  This information will also be on our DTV FAQ pages soon.  This is from our development team based on the feedback we've been sending.  As a reminder, these won't all be at once, but implemented through several updates throughout the rest of the year.


We have collected feedback from customers and will be making various improvements to the new user interface in several software enhancements.  Here are some of the key improvements we’re making:

  • Improved overall legibility/readability of the new UI (improvements includes items such as font size and color/contrast)
  • Improvements to the playback bar and channel info sections
  • Faster performance/responsiveness
  • Various Enhancements to Playlist and Recording management 

Your feedback is important.  We will continue to make improvements to the new user interface as customer feedback is received.


Thanks everyone, and please keep the feedback coming.


Tim, AT&T Community Strategy



Thank you so much for the feedback regarding our menu updates and UI changes.  I have been monitoring this thread for several months and have been in communication with our design teams.  I want to assure you that we are listening, and have been working very hard to address all the concerns that were brought up on this thread.  As you are probably aware, fixes and improvements can take time to implement due to testing and other factors.  With all that said, here is what I can share.


Updates being worked on:

  • Visual Concerns - Font color, size, and background
  • Navigation - Taking additional steps to get to the same selections as before the change
  • Responsiveness - Improve delay (lag) when moving between menu options, changing channels, and other functions


I know until these things are fully resolved, these are just words, but as a DTV user myself, I hear your feedback and we are hoping to have these updates soon.  However, in full transparency, it could still be several weeks or longer before the changes are implemented.


Lastly, I am marking this as a solution.  Not because the issues are fixed, but because we are aware and working on the issues.   We want future community users to see that we know about it and they don't feel ignored.


Here are some additional resources about the changes that have occurred, in case you also have questions about the existing changes.


Thank you all so much for your honest and specific feedback.  As I learn more, I will update this post.



Tim, AT&T Community Strategy

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Re: What have you done?

Appreciate someone finally getting back to us, but this whole situation could have been avoided if the GUI redesign had been done in a closed environment first, and then released when it was truly ready (aside from the usual small bugs). "Several weeks to fix" is strictly damage control. For a company as large as yours, with gobs of money to throw at a project, this appears like yet another complete ATT management failure.

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Re: Re: What have you done?

Hi @mrsnak,


I hear you, and I understand.  I wish I had a better answer or a more concrete date to provide today.


Tim, AT&T Community Strategy

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Re: What have you done?



First off if everything you wrote about is true, then I just want to thank you, better late than never to read that ATT/Directv is addressing our major concerns but I have one question:


Does "background" include getting rid of that dark fade/shade surrounding the progress bar (Rewind Bar) that blocks the bottom 1/3 of the screen?

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Re: can't read new HD guide (font too small)

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