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Network Connection problem


Network Connection problem

So I have reviewed numerous posts, and have tried numerous suggestions, to no avail.

I have 2 HR24 HDDVR's, and one HD receiver (not sure the number, but its not having the problem).

I have Whole Home Service, with a Cinema Connection Kit.

I have a Lynksys Wireless Router, but the CCK is connected with an ethernet cable.

The CCK is wired with Coax to the switch near the dish, and the coax is carrying the internet signal to each of the three receivers.

Two of the receivers (one of the HR24's and the non-dvr receiver) both connect to the internet and whole-home service just fine.

The third receiver, an HR24 as well, will not connect. 

I have tried restoring the defaults on the network setup

I have tried red button resets

I have tried resetting the router

I have tried Satellite Setup

I have tried all of these things in different order, and nothing gets the second HDDVR to connect.

Could I have a bad HDDVR? 

Is it possible there is a problem with the coax running from the dish to this one DVR?  The Satellite signal is fine.

Please Help!!!


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Re: Network Connection problem

when trying to get it to work, do you come across any error messages? or can you simply not see the hr24 on the network?

Edit: also please run a system diagnostic please, in order to do that press and hold info for around 5 seconds, then select run diagnostic test, what is the code that appears?

if getting to it with the info button fails go to menu > settings and help > settings > info & test > run system test

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Re: Network Connection problem

When I try to connect it says: We were not able to connect to the Internet. Would you like to get connected?

Result code: 86-148

When I go through the "Get Connected" process, I get: "A problem was detected. Press SELECT to find out more.

IP Address:   OK

Subnet Mask:      OK

Default Gateway:  -                      -

DNS:                   -                      -

Network:              Coax Not Connected (9)

Internet:               Not Connected (13)

Result Code: 86-148

Same thing happens if I select "Try Again"

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Re: Network Connection problem

Interesting, make sure you dont have any DECA's on the back of the receiver, they look like rectangle boxes that have a blue Ethernet cable, infact make sure nothing is connected to the ethernet port on the back of the receiver. and make sure the CCK coax has the green lights.

edit: also make sure you dont have something called iYogi on your computer. but it would most likely cause problems with all of them, but still good to check

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Re: Network Connection problem


Once you have done what rolls suggested, you can swap the working and non-networking DVRs and see if the problem stays with the location or moves with the DVR.

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Re: Network Connection problem

No DECAs and yes, green lights are on.  No ethernet cable in the back of the HR24.

No iYogi either (never heard of it)

Dutch, I think I will give that a shot, but maybe not until tomorrow.  I will let you know after what happens.

I take it, if the one that works doesn't and the one that doesn't now, ends up working, it is the cable, and if they stay the same, then it probably is the receiver.

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Re: Network Connection problem

also might wanna just call in to tec, because in the end they will try to trouble shoot it, which will go over almost all of this already, just to insure that you do it before replacing it or sending someone out :smileyplain:

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Re: Network Connection problem

Before you request a service call, try this.  Disconnect AC power from the problem DVR.  Then disconnect AC power from the router.  Wait a minute or so then plug the router back in.  After all the router lights settle down, re power the DVR.  After it's booted up, press the dash :smileyminus: button on the remote.  It should indicate Internet connected.  If so, you're all set.  If not, then call for service.

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Re: Network Connection problem

Has the internet ever worked with the receiver? If not, did this receiver replace an SD receiver. If so, make sure you removed the Bandstop filter, either at the back of the receiver or the wall plate.

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Re: Network Connection problem

So, I switched the receivers, and guess what...both work.  Strange.

So I decided to switch them back, and then the problem receiver didn't work again.

So I switched them again, and both work again.  So weird.  So I don't know if its the receiver, the cable, or something else entirely.  I am leaving them switched for now, its just a pain, since one TV is HD and the other isn't, and while we have whole home service, the family records certain shows on certain DVRs, and its a bit of a pain to switch them.  But we will deal with it.

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Re: Network Connection problem

A little more background:

A year ago we upgraded from one HD-DVR (HR20) and a SD DVR with no whole home service to the two HD-DVRs (HR24) with whole home service.

The internet worked mostly fine on both, but whenever there was a software update, the problem occurred.  I called tech support a few times.  The first time, they switched out the CCK.  The second time the tech reset both DVRs at the same time, and it worked.  After that I was usually able to reset the receivers and get them connected again.  The last time it took a few extra tried and I even tried resetting the router, and this seemed to work.

Yesterday, we added the third receiver, the HD Receiver, non DVR.  It is able to connect to the whole home service, but could only view the programs on the one that was connected.  Now, after switching the two DVRs (see reply post above), I am good to go, but for how long?

So yes, the internet has worked before, but does drop out occasionally when there is a software update, or the receiver gets powered down.  There is no Bandwidth converter on there.

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Re: Network Connection problem

Not a BBC, a Bandstop filter. Either way if its working or has worked the bandstop filter is not installed. A bandstop filter is for SD receivers, it stops the internet/whole home signal from going into the receiver, and cause sfss

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Re: Network Connection problem

a BSF would not cause SFSS unless of course is defective.

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Re: Network Connection problem

So, we had a firmware update last night, and SURPRISE, no internet connection on the problem receiver.  So switching the receivers didn't work after all (not sure why it was working after the switch, but it was).  It is the receiver, not the cable, since the receiver that was moved to the room where it wasn't working does connect, but the receiver that wasn't connected in the first location now doesn't connect in the other location.

I have tried resetting the receiver. 

Next I tried unplugging the receiver and unplugging the router, and that actually worked.  They are both connected again.  Any idea why this happens when there is a firmware update?

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Re: Network Connection problem

The internal deca on that receiver is probably bad. This doesn't happen often, but after reading the thread, I do not see anything else that it could be.

Although I have seen low frequency barrels in a wall plate create this issue. But I have also seen it work with them...

Easy check for that is to remove the cable from the plate and check to see if it is blue or orange, if it is either of them, then you have a high frequency barrel. white or clear is low.

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