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Need a password I didn't set


Need a password I didn't set

About a month or so ago I was getting ready to watch an episode of South Park, it starts the show as planned but at about the end of the credits the screen goes blank and says "This program exceeds the rating limit (Allow TV-14) you set. Press SELECT on Unlock Now to override." I don't know where or how this came up but I did NOT set it up to do this. Please contact me back ASAP.

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Re: Need a password I didn't set

No one here is going to call you.  you need to call DirecTV and have them reset the parental control password.  be prepared to prove you are the account holder.

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Re: Need a password I didn't set

That is true, DirecTv technical support does not make calls out to customers. Most of your questions are answered by community members, though some are agents in one field or another. Usually that message shows up if someone sets the parental controls. If you do not think that anyone did so, than try a reset by pressing the red reset button that is inside the front RIGHT hand side of the receiver. After that is finished (it takes about 7 min) hopefully it will not show up again. If it does not than we know it was a minor blip in the receiver. If it does show the parental control on the screen again you will want to call DirecTV to unlock the parental controls on the receiver. They are open 24/7, so feel free to give a call at 1-800-531-5000 if you require further assistance!

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Re: Need a password I didn't set

Patrick,  I think that over time you'll conclude, as I and the other TKG's have, that password requests such as this are most often posted by folks the password was put in place to block.  Thus the short and sweet "call Directv and be prepared to prove you are the account holder".

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