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Re: Mobile dvr

Mobile dvr

I just got a replacement hr44 for one that wouldn't power on. Now i can't register devices for mobile dvr service. Account says activated for genie go and shows previous 4 devices paired to old hr44. How do i register devices to new genie? I've logged out and reinstalled app on all devices and it continues to try and look for old hr44. Can't find anywhere to unregister devices from previous hr 44. Please help. Thanks
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‎10-12-2016 8:52 PM

Re: Mobile dvr

It can take up to 72 hours for MobileDVR to be authorized on the replacement Genie

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Re: Mobile dvr

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Re: Mobile dvr

Replacement Genie now says active, ready for clients. My online account shows all 5 devices registered to old genie that was replaced and i cant find anywhere to unregister them from previous genie. directv app only allows to try and reconnect to previous Genie. Where and how can i unregister old devices from old genie and pair all new devices on new replacement genie? its been 11 days since replacement was activated. thanks

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Re: Mobile dvr

delete and reinstall the app.  No need to un-register anything.

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Re: Mobile dvr

So I did it again as i had already done so and got same results. I select "Register this Device" under "Settings and Help" and under "Mobile DVR" or "Get Started" under the "Access your DVR on the go" setup screen. I get the Registering Mobile DVR and it automatically adds the RID for the old Genie on the "Registered With" section in the Mobile DVR option screen and Regiistering Mobile DVR stays on screen with circle on top just spinning. I've reset everything Genie,router,modem, refreshed all receivers online. Hope it makes sense. thanks again

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