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Mini Genie defaults to 480p


Mini Genie defaults to 480p

Little over a year ago, I started using 2 wireless genie mini's.  Everything worked great until a month ago when the genie mini I use most often stopped displaying in 1080i, and now only displays 480p. 

It wont let me set any other resolution.

I have native set to off.

None of my hardware has changed.  My Roku, going thru the same receiver, across the same HDMI cable to the same projector will display in 1080i/p.

My other genie mini, in another part of the house, displays 1080i just fine.

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Re: Mini Genie defaults to 480p

Greetings @krollings!


Thank you for reaching out to us here in AT&T Community Forums, we're glad to help you get the optimal resolution for your Genie Mini.


Are you using an HDTV? If so, please try unplugging the power cord for 30 seconds and plugging it back in. Also, please check your HDMI cable to make sure that it is firmly in place.


Once you have completed this step, access your settings and turn off Native. You'll then set resolution to 1080i or the resolution your TV supports.


We hope you find this helpful, please reach back if you need further assistance!


-Denise V. AT&T Community Specialist

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‎11-29-2018 5:13 AM

Re: Mini Genie defaults to 480p

If you can NEVER get the HD options to work, try holding down the EXIT button for about 10 seconds, until a message pops up. Doing so can switch it from SD to HD mode and back again.

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Re: Mini Genie defaults to 480p

sI5017 - you hit the nail right on the head,  holding the EXIT button as you suggested did the trick!

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Re: Mini Genie defaults to 480p

This is a consistent issue for me still and have never found a solution. The box just defaults back to 480p all the time, have to go to menu with the super super slow menus system and recheck the hd boxes and uncheck the 480p box and it will work. This happens randomly all the time. The issue COULD be because I have the DTV box plugged into the Xbox which is plugged into the Denon Reciever, but seriously, this is such a dumb issue. I cannot believe how ridiculous directv wireless boxes are. 

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