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Mini - Genie HDMI out not working


Mini - Genie HDMI out not working

I have a genie system and one of my Mini-Genie's will not output HDMI.  I had the installer originally set it up as the AV out as my HDTV had not arrived for the office.  When I removed the AV cable and installed the HDMI cable it seemed to work fine.  Over time, I kept getting messages that the TV was not receiving signal from the mini-genie.  A simple reset of the box seemed to fix it.  However now it will not send out signal at all, but when I plug the AV-Out cable back in, it works fine.


I read in another thread that all the ports should be outputting at all times.


So is the genie jacked up or is there some setting I need to look at?  Or should I just contact support?

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Re: Mini - Genie HDMI out not working

Remove the dongle from both the TV and the Client.  Although all of the receivers put out on all ports simultaneously, outputting SD and HD via HDMI simultaneously gets a bit hairy.  So long as the dongle is plugged in, the Client thinks you have a SD TV connected.  After you configure the wires, do a red button (inside card door) of the Genie and at the same time a reset of the Client (red button on side).

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Re: Mini - Genie HDMI out not working

Thanks for the reply.  I should clarify the problem more.


1 - I was not trying to do simul HD-SD.  I just plugged in the SD to see if the entire box was bad.

2- When I reset the boxes, it will output via HDMI during the "Receiver is Starting Up" blue screen, but nothing after that.

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Re: Mini - Genie HDMI out not working

I will use the COMPOSITE cable to set the client to 1080i then switch to HDMI.

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