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Lost Local channels


Lost Local channels

I recently moved to a new house. In our old house I had an old non-hd receiver and got a basic dvr receiver (not very old) for the bedroom. We were able to view all of our local channels as well as all the channels on our selected package. Once we moved Directv gave us an upgrade to the non-hd receiver and we kept the basic dvr receiver. Once installed, the new hd receiver (upgrade) receives all the local channels but the basic dvr receiver that had always received the local channels does not any longer. We still live in the same town, only a mile away from our old house and we did not change our selected package. 


On the tv with the non-hd receiver, the local channels are replaced by other channels. example: channel 04 (local affiliate) is showing an ESPN channel. All the non-local channels are fine. ESPN (with the exception of it also appearing on channel 04) is correctly showing on its proper channel.


We have been in touch with customer service, they suggested that I refresh the receiver, they refreshed the receiver, same problem. They did a complete restart of the basic dvr receiver and told us to let it reload all of the channels and that it would refresh over the next 48 hours. The receiver never regained the local channels. 


Is just having one hd receiver enough to omit the local channels from the other? Our basic dvr used to have two lines for connection (for regular viewing and recording on the dvr). Now both receivers use a powered box and the technician said we no longer needed two lines coming in.


Any ideas why local programs would not be available?


Thank you

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Re: Lost Local channels

You'll probably need a service visit to sort this.  Do you know what type of satellite dish you have?  What are the model numbers of your DVR/Receivers?  I'm guessing something isn't configured properly for the satellite dish you now have. 

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Re: Lost Local channels

H25-500 HD Receiver

R16-500 Basic DVR Receiver


I'm sorry, I don't have a dish number as it is on the roof and I haven't had a chance to look this number up.


I agree, I believe that a service call is needed. 


Thank you

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