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Losing Paused Programs


Losing Paused Programs

I have a TV DVR.  If I pause a show and the switch to the second tuner to watch another show then go back to the paused show, it's no longer paused instead I get a message that says something to the effect that it is recording advanced programming and to press the RECORD button to stop.  I do so and it is now on channel 1.  A similar thing happens when I turn on the DVR.  I'm notified by a red record icon that a show is being recorded on the other tuner.  If I go to that tuner I get the same message.  In both cased there is nothing in the recorded shows section of the DVR.

This is particularly annoying.  On Saturday I was watching a Die Hard movie that was on time delay.  I paused it to go see what was on the other tuner.  After five minutes I came back and it was gone with the stupid message that it was recording advanced programming.

Anyone help on this.  BTW I have the auto recording feature turned off (where TIVO records shows it thinks I will like.

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Re: Losing Paused Programs

As a test, try this.  Start watching any program on your HD DVR, then his pause.  Now simply enter a channel number and watch something else.  If within the time buffer of the original program, you simply pause the 2nd program and press the "Prev" button, the original program will appear.  Note that a safer way to wander about while saving the program you were watching is the press the R record button which will put the program on your list and will be permanently (until delete) on your hard drive.

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Re: Losing Paused Programs

If I enter another channel when one is paused then it changes channels and I would lose the paused program. I have a Tivo and to change tuners I have to hit the swap button after pausing a program on one tuner to go to the second tuner.


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