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It's been over a year and....


It's been over a year and....

When the new interface arrived on scene, I was with everyone who had problems with it.  Talking with a team member for AT&T Directv, I was ready to cancel my service....after 20 years!  They coerced me to stay assuring me the problems were being addressed.  It's been over a year now and unfortunately, it really hasn't been resolved.  I still have multiple incidents where the receiver does not respond when I press a button.  This is especially unnerving when one has pressed fast forward and it just ignores my signal to stop!  The dark banners are still....dark.  The recordings menu is still disjointed.  I can't seem to see what I have scheduled for recording.  Guide information is often incorrect.  All-in-all, I'm not sure what AT&T is really doing!  


I appreciate the info coming from the moderator regarding progress, but honestly this entire thing begins to appear a clever ruse to keep us occupied, hoping we just get used to the new directives, and follow along.  I'll be giving Dish a call sooner rather than later I fear.  My beloved Directv is no longer I fear....

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Re: It's been over a year and....

Hi @maxim00,


Sounds like you have some minor issues we can make some suggestions that might help. You might try changing your batteries, if haven't been change for a while. Also, clean the interface red cover on your remote and receiver. If you issue persist, please let us know so we may troubleshoot further. 


Lafayette, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: It's been over a year and....

I suspect you might have the opinion I'm not too bright?  Believe me, it is not an issue with the remote control.  The direct TV guide (which highlights the channel you move to?) does not show such highlighting.  The entire control system freezes for up to 30 seconds at a time!  When control returns, THEN the channel indication on the guide is highlighted things seem to return to normal.  This is NOT a remote control problem!  By the way, my remote is set to RF which you may realize, does not require the emitter lens, nor the photo-detector lens to be clean.  


I know you are trying to be helpful, but the 'new' user interface has been a thorn in everyone's side since it's inception.  Just admit AT&T is slowly trying to kill off Direct TV and concentrate on streaming services.  Oops!  We rural Rubes don't have streaming!  My bad.



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Re: It's been over a year and....

So with no 'light at the end of the tunnel' apparent, and then losing CBS (actually, Smithsonian) I have definitely had enough.  I was willing to continue paying DTV at a discounted rate until the interface was truly fixed, but suddenly my monthly bill jumped by 100% and....hello DISH.  Goodbye DTV.  I loved you when you weren't part of AT&T, and was terribly disappointed that AT&T (a once noble company dedicated to excellence) ruined such a staple as Direct TV.  After 20 years!  Sorry AT&T, but I just lost interest in waiting any longer for the solution to be manifested in our user interface.



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Re: It's been over a year and....

I have the exact same issues you do, and I assure you it is not the remote batteries.  Every single day as I surf the whole guide, it locks up for 30 seconds at a time.  I have tries red button reset and the CLEARMYBOX command, and nothing helps.  I can't believe these issues have existed for this long with no resolution. 

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ACE - Expert

Re: It's been over a year and....

As much as I dislike the new UI, and it could have been much better if DirecTV had not ignored the feedback they got from beta testing, I don't have the problems you see. Highlighting is correct, no 30 second lockups, no dark banners (where?), no problem seeing what has been recorded.  Guide info is very occasionally wrong when the station provides wrong info. Look at the Tivo forum if you want to read about guide data problems! The issues have caused some people to abandon Tivo or revert to  the online guide. Does not help much when trying to set up recordings!

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