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Internet speed and playback issues


Internet speed and playback issues

I have been having playback issues. I got an error message saying my internet is too slow, so I went for the highest speed but still having problems with playback.

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Re: Internet speed and playback issues

What is your internet download speed?

What model DVR do you have?

How is the DVR connected to your home network for internet access?

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Re: Internet speed and playback issues

I'm having the exact issue as well. It's been two years since this initial post above so apparently DirecTv hasn't solved the issue. I never had this happen with U-Verse tv service, but we just had Direct installed on Thursday and this message has come up at least ten times. In three days!  I would say four days but the first indication of trouble to come was on the actual installation day when the technician couldn't complete the install due to Direct's own system being down.  They left for a couple of hours to do another house and called later to let me know the system was still down. So even though we are night owls who work seconds, we had to be up at 8am the next morning so they could complete the installation. I told my husband I hoped that wasn't a sign of things to come...oh, how painfully right I was it appears!  

I have the highest residential speed ATT offers, I believe.  The turbo max one, so I don't understand how that can be the issue. We don't have problems streaming on our computers, even when all three of us have devices going. My daughter and I can be watching movies on our laptops and my husband watching YouTube on his tablet all at once with no problems so this makes no sense!

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Re: Internet speed and playback issues

Don't waste your time responding to the "expert"'s questions.  This is a chronic DirecTV problem.  I have a 345Mbs download connection and still got these "slow Internet" warnings.  Hasn't happened for a while, but it always comes back.

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Re: Internet speed and playback issues

I have the same exact issue. I've had this issue since I purchased DIRECTV with AT&T internet (the highest speed.) My contract is close to ending and I'm glad! Bye bye Dirtectv with AT&T. Guess I'll head back to Comcast or look into something else. No one seems to be able to fix the issue and It's super annoying. Just like now, I have been trying to rent and watch a new movie that just came out. And it won't work. Guess I'll just have to watch it through my amazon account. Total shame... why even pay for their service? It's no good.
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