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Hr34-700 Slow Response

Hr34-700 Slow Response

For the last several months my HR34-700 receiver occasionally very  slow to respond to commands. You hit guide or list and it takes about 5-10sec for it to come up, then it's empty for another 5-10sec. Changing channels also takes a lot longer than it use to - it has taken up to 15 seconds to change channels at times. When entering channel numbers you will start entering a number, after a number or two it will stop responding, then change the channel to only the number entered before a response occurs. This was not an issue I noticed when the receiver and genie clients were installed. And this occurs with both the remote and the controls on the unit itself.

I have reset the receiver more than 10 times, cleaned the receivers cache, and have run run the Built in Self-test twice. I have done every test except the final option (something like return to factory?). All tests passed and no errors were detected. I haven't done the final option because I do not know what will happen if it is selected. If it erases all my recordings I would gladly sacrifice them for a faster responding machine. I only have about 95% free space anyway.

I have just entered the second year of my contract, and I do not have the protection plan. If I cannot get this issue resolved I will probably pay the early termination fee and go with online and over-the-air broadcasts. I would rather stick with Directv because of its convenience, but the current frustration is more than I want to deal with.

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Re: Hr34-700 Slow Response

perryjoejimbob wrote:

And this occurs with both the remote and the controls on the unit itself.

We need to be absolutely positive this portion is cold fact as it's a game changer.  Here's why.  Slow response is often caused by IR interference from a TV or other source.  However, pressing the buttons on the box itself bypasses the IR interference and operation is normal.  If you call Directv and go through the slow response scenario I think it's unlikely they will replace the DVR.  If, on the other hand, the DVR wouldn't power on, they would likely ship you a replacement.

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Re: Hr34-700 Slow Response

DCD,  your 'game changer' question is and was answered in Perry...s original post first paragraph. repeat quote

"...This was not an issue I noticed when the receiver and genie clients were installed. And this occurs with both the remote and the controls on the unit itself."

So, game changer is answered and always was.  Whats the solution?  I have the exact same problem on a 6 month old H34-700.  It is aggravating to point of my considering going back to DISH where I had NO such problems.

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Re: Hr34-700 Slow Response

I have a similar experience, but I get the impression the unit is too busy to service the remote.  Right after I've done something like delete a recording, the light on the HR34-700 doesn't blink when a button is pressed on the remote. After a short wait the unit *does* begin blinking when buttons are pressed, and I know the unit's back on line and won't miss any button presses that follow.

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Re: Hr34-700 Slow Response

Just to let everyone know, after trying everything once again and contacting Directv customer no-service I did a reset to the factory settings and reformat. And now it works almost as fast as when it was new. Of course, I had no recordings to worry about losing. This is a ridiculous that I have seen several comments to online. I imagine it is faulty software since the problem came up long after initial receiver set-up. But this issue means there are 10 months until I leave Directv.

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Re: Hr34-700 Slow Response

Well, so much for the improvement. After a month the original issues began to return. This receiver, and customer service are cr*p. When my contract is up I am so gone. I will not pay for aggravation and incompetence.

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Re: Hr34-700 Slow Response

I have had the HR34 for 12 months now and after about 6 months it started the delays along with some other bugs that the minis have since new.  My delay is now 25 seconds consistently.  Directv will do nothing unless the unit just stops working completely.  I will go back to Dish when my contract is finished.  Didn't have any problems with dish.

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Re: Hr34-700 Slow Response

I just talked to techie and he said there had been many complaints for same problem and there is a software glitch that they are working on. An upgrade is in the works for a fix.

That being said he had no idea as to when the fix was possible, just that it was being worked on.

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Re: Hr34-700 Slow Response


  I have an HR34 and am experiencing the laggy responses from input.

My remote is set to RF (not IR) and in addition to extremely sluggish guide issues, it is very sluggish in opening the "List" of recorded programs and selecting them.  It is also slow to start playing a program when I select one, or requires multiple button presses to get it to play.

  Additionally, once a recorded program is playing the fast forward/rewind function is difficult to stop...after repeated play button presses it just keeps fast forwarding or rewinding much further than desired.  It takes several back and forth efforts to get to the point in the program you want.

  I have tried every "fix" I've been able to find from the colored button presses (perhaps doesn't work for the HR34), etc.  The last one I tried "CLEARMYBOX" actually made the problem worse.

  One last issue, since doing the "CLEARMYBOX" last week I now no longer have the YOUTUBE icon in Extras.  Lots of forums say "wait a day or so, it wil come back"...well, it;s been over a week and still no YOUTUBE icon.  Sigh.

  Very frustrated with this.  I have been a DIRECTV customer for a long time (since mid-late 90's).  I really don't want to go to DISH as they don't have all the channels we like, but if this sort of equipment issues continue, I may just switch.

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Re: Hr34-700 Slow Response

Google changed youtube and made it incompatible with DTV receivers.

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