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Hr24-500 acting like a ghost.


Hr24-500 acting like a ghost.

Hr24-500 going crazy  

justin311      Standard Def

I have searched and cannot find any information on the problems I am having with my hr24 receiver.  It at random times will turn itself on, record what it wants when it wants, if you are watching tv it will change the channel, bring up the guide, etc.  I know its not the remote because i have tried it with other 5 remotes I have.  I have tried resetting and reauthorizing.  Has anyone else had the issues or heard of them happening to anyone else?  Thanks.

This is the only post I have phone similar to problems we are experiencing. But comments was locked to where I couldn't see a solution.

Tech has replace lnb, splitter and all cables. Also replaced for another hdvr same model. Same issue. Finally replaced for a older model and problem stopped. Is this software related?

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Re: Hr24-500 acting like a ghost.

There are probably two possibilities. First, someone else is using a remote on a different DVR and the signals are somehow getting to yours.

Second, you may be describing what seems to be a known, rare and obscure problem with the HR24-500. Mine has similar behavior occasionally (about every six months or so). The DVR scans up and down channel lists, changes channels and selects the guide, all without my doing anything. I can see the light flash on the front of the DVR as if it is receiving a remote command, but the remote is hidden away so it isn't coming from my remote. Some people with amateur radio setups have reported it seems to be some sort of RF interference, but nothing definitive. It only seems to happen with the HR24-500, no other receivers have had this problem reported.

I assume whatever it is it is a hardware problem, maybe associated with the touch panel.

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Re: Hr24-500 acting like a ghost.

The RF interference is definitely a possibility as the house is across the road from a train track. Thanks Brit

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