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How well does the wireless Genie mini work for 4K TV's?


How well does the wireless Genie mini work for 4K TV's?

After a painful few months trying to get Comcast to fix our picture, we're ready to move on to Directv.  As we've never tried Directv, I wanted to ask a few questions of the experts here on this forum.  


We have 3 4K TV's in our house.  The main one is downstairs and we have the other 2 TV's upstairs.  Not sure how the setup will go but I assume the wired Genie will go downstairs.  Is there a different type for 4K TV's?  


For the two TV's upstairs, I've read about the wireless Genie minis.  How well does that work for 4K TV's in terms of picture?  Any experience would be appreciated.  Also, do these wireless Genie minis work off of our wifi or does the wired Genie downstairs give off a signal?  


Would love to minimize the amount of wires they have to drill into the house so the wireless option sounds great, but wanted to make sure the 4K picture is pretty good.  Thanks for any input everybody!

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Re: How well does the wireless Genie mini work for 4K TV's?

thanks much......

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Re: How well does the wireless Genie mini work for 4K TV's?

To be sure the C41W mini will not do 4K only the wired C61K mini does.

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Re: How well does the wireless Genie mini work for 4K TV's?

4K Requirements:


HR54 Genie on non 4K tv

C61 Mini Genie Client (wired only at this time) on 4K tv

4K tv must support HDCP 2.2, HDMI 2.0, and 60fps (frames per second)

Directv Installation, 4K tv must be there

Package Select or above as of 12/15/2016 (used to be only Ultimate or Premier)


At this time there are only three 4K channels. 1 regular, 1 select sporting events, 1 PPV.


To be clear the Geine which is an HDDVR, is also known as a server. This is because the Mini Genie Clients (wired or wireless) are just extensions of it.


Genie has 5 tuners and 1TB hard drive (up to 200hrs HD)

Genie can only use up to 3 clients at one time, leaving 2 tuners for itself to watch a live show and use Picture in Picture (PiP) or have a recording going.

Only one of the tuners for Clients can use the 4K channels at any given time.


Alternatively, instead of a Mini Genie Client, you could have a regular HDDVR. These have 2 tuners and 500GB of space (up to 100hrs HD), and like the Genie/Minis can share the playlist so you can watch your recordings on any tv. Yes, HDDVRs are wired. Only Mini Genie Clients have a wireless version, but 4K does not use the wireless model.


As a note in case you get any wireless Minis, it will have a wireless video bridge (WVB) which is the antenna for the Directv system and is wired in like a normal box would be but then is wireless to any wireless Minis you have.


As mentioned earlier, after you order the service (preferably over the phone with Directv, not an in store 3rd party retailer), look over the email confirmation you receive to make sure everything matches to what you understood. This protects against agent error, a misconmunication between you and the agent, or that one bad apple.


I've got 14 years with Directv and it is a great service, as long as you get the setup you need.

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Re: How well does the wireless Genie mini work for 4K TV's?

I think your info is a little misleading to the original poster....You do have 5 tuners with a max of 3 mini clients...but that does not mean you cannot record up to 5 different channels at one time.   I have the hr54 with 3 ck-61 clients....As long as I'm not using the mini's, i can record up to 5 programs...if someone starts watching on the mini's, then yes, that does take up one of the tuners.

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