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How long will content stay on geniego?


How long will content stay on geniego?

I have about 40 half hour episodes of a show I want to watch on vacation.  I am not confident about streaming them, so I wonder if I could put them all on my genie go now, and then download them while I am on vacation in December?  I can't download them now, because they only last for 30 days, and I wouldn't have enough room.  I have a 1 T. hardrive set up to my genie go, so I will have room there.

Is the only way to get them on the genie go to tell my tablet to download them?  Then if I leave the wireless on my tablet off until I go on vacation 60 days from now, can I just download them at that time?  I made sure my genie go is set up for away from home access (not easy with AT&T, but finally done!)

Is there anyway to tell your DVR to send the show to genie go?  I have an HD DVR, with whole home.

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Re: How long will content stay on geniego?

As you know, recording a program on your Mobile device is a two step process.  The first is the preparing which can occur while your GenieGO APP is shut down and it takes about an hour per hour of program.  The second step is transferring the program from the Genie to your Mobile device and that takes a few minutes (6 or 8)  per hour of program.  For the second step the Mobile must be on your network with the App up and running.  That copy will last for 30 days and will then self delete.

Personally I'd rely on the streaming option.  I recently traveled out of state and we watch all of our regular programs each evening.  In a hotel with a real slow Internet connection, the quality will suffer a bit.

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Re: How long will content stay on geniego?

Thanks.  We have great streaming at our vacation place, I'm just a little worried about the weather.  But I guess I will have to wait and see!

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Re: How long will content stay on geniego?

you can only download while in your home network.  you can 'prepare" or tell the GenieGo to prepare the shows for download outside of your network but you can only download them while in your network.

Any shows downloaded to your GenieGo client will expire in 30 days.

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