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Having Genie installed but have questions


Having Genie installed but have questions

Our current setup includes two HD DVRs, one in the living room and one in my son's bedroom. We want to add the Genie and add a tv for our bedroom and possibly one for another great room area. How do the mini-genies connect? Do we have to have coax from each room to the dish or is it coax from each mini-genie to the main genie? For the great room and our bedroom the coax is no longer connected to the dish so I am concerned during install they will have to run more coax which in a brick home without a basement is not simple. 


Also, we currently have a media extender that allows us to connect to video on demand etc. Will the new main Genie dvr connect to our home wireless network like the current media extender does?  We are getting the cinema connection kit with the install.


One more question. Will mobile devices, tablets and laptops be able to connect to the Genie?



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Re: Having Genie installed but have questions

The "mini-genies" connect the same way as any "regular" DirecTV receiver would.  they would connect to the DirecTV SWM splitter.  You can keep your current media extender or have the tech run a coax cable to where your router/gateway is located and installed the wired CCK there.  This is a much preferred method the current wireless you have now.


Not sure what you mean by "Will mobile devices, tablets and laptops be able to connect to the Genie?"

The mobile devices will have the same features as you have now with the HDDVRs

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Re: Having Genie installed but have questions

Quote: Originally Posted by jernsharley

One more question. Will mobile devices, tablets and laptops be able to connect to the Genie?

If you're wondering whether you can access DirecTV programming on those devices, the answer is'll get a wide range of channels available for streaming LIVE TV within your home and a smaller selection of channels you can access "everywhere" via high speed internet'll need to register your email and account info online to do this >> on the home page, go to TOP RIGHT corner and register.


If you wish to take recorded progamming with you on the road, you'll need to check out the Nomad..a cool device that syncs with your Genie and can be connected to a computer to watch your favorite shows and movies >>


The Genie must be connected to a router (and the internet)..and looks like that is the plan (with CCK). You'll need to download the DirecTV Everywhere App for those devices. Additionally, you can also download the DirecTV2PC software for additional functionality.


See links below: for tablets for computer


you can also go to for more fun and does get a bit overwhelming, just FYI..


Always good to explore the website, lots of cool stuff going on Smiley Very Happy


Hope this helps!



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