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HR44 install schematic for whole home


HR44 install schematic for whole home

I have a hr44 genie dvr and a client in another room. I have and been paying for  whole home programming,when I do a status check on the whole home page I get authorized service but No Networked DVR's found. Is this b/c I,m not utilizing a second dvr rcvr? I can record and watch from the client. Am I just over-thinking I need to do or add something? I have the hr44 wirelessly connected to net.

Thx for help


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Re: HR44 install schematic for whole home

It will only show networked DVRs if you have more than one witch you don't

If you had the geinie and say an hr24

It would show that unit it will never

List its own location

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Re: HR44 install schematic for whole home

larryb484 wrote:

Am I just over-thinking

Yes you are.  Your system is fine.  Nothing to worry about.  You are using WHDVR by sharing the Genie with the client

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Re: HR44 install schematic for whole home

Thx peds

that's what I was thinking.

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