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HR44-700 shows double recordings in List


HR44-700 shows double recordings in List

We just received a new HR44-700, and whenever a series is recorded, it shows as 2 recordings at the exact same time.  If I set up a show to record once, it does not show twice.  We did notice that one of the shows has the [LIVING ROOM] at the beginning, while the second one does not.  We do not currently have a second HD DVR on our network, but we will in the future, so for now, the Genie is our only system on our home network.  Any ideas on what is going on?

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Re: HR44-700 shows double recordings in List

If in your LIST of shows you see a location name in brackets (such as [LIVING ROOM] ), that means the guide is seeing that recording on another DVR (or Genie), not on the local machine.  Recordings on the local machine will not have any bracketed location entry.

However, the only reason you would see a particular recording listed  twice, once with and once without the bracketed entry, is if you had it set up to record on both units, and both playlists were shared.

When you say you don't have another DVR "on your network", are you referring to your computer local area network?  The DirecTV system with a Genie and other receivers/DVRs installed is networked through the coax, you don't need (and should not have) ethernet connections to other units.  So if you have more than one receiver/DVR active, they are in fact networked.

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Re: HR44-700 shows double recordings in List

Thanks for the quick response!  OK, not having the brackets on the local machine makes sense.  We have 3 other HD DVRs - an HR24 in our bedroom (which used to be in the living room until yesterday), and 2 HR20s in our kids rooms.  The HR44 is directly connected via coax, no other receiver is connected at all to our network as of yet.

But you are saying that the systems are shared through the internal coax, and not through my network.  Thanks again.

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Re: HR44-700 shows double recordings in List

Here is a quick tip if you only want to see your local list on the 44 press list

Then the dash button then filter by playlist then local

When you got your whole home system all the DVRs create thier

Own coax based network for sharing

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Re: HR44-700 shows double recordings in List

Thanks!  I'll give that a look.

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