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HR44-200 will not connect to wireless network


HR44-200 will not connect to wireless network

Yes I've tried all the basics.  We have a jumper for the signal - it doesn't connect to that either.  At some point it must connect to something because some of VOD downloads.

No running an Ethernet cable through my house is not an option.

What is wrong with this thing?

How do you get it to work?

Oh and support said to not connect a DECA to it.

So many conflicting answers are around in other posts.

Thanks for your time.

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Re: HR44-200 will not connect to wireless network

You need a hardwired broad band deca hard wired from your router back into the swm network

Directv will pprobably have to coplete this for uoy

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Re: HR44-200 will not connect to wireless network

There are three basic ways to connect the HR44 Genie to your network.

1.  The HR44 has a built in wireless that is designed to connect wirelessly to your Wi-Fi router.  This system has all the restrictions of any wireless connection.

2.  You can connect a Cat5 Ethernet cable directly to the back of the HR44 and thence to your router.  This is a clean, simple and very reliable connection but does involve snaking a cable through your home.

3.  Run a live coax cable from the Directv signal "tree" to your router and install a DECA BB Adapter and connect same to your router.  This will provide the router connection to all of the Directv HD boxes.  This is the method that dtvuser2013 was referring to and may be your best bet.

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