HR34 blinks to black screen during dvr playback


HR34 blinks to black screen during dvr playback

UPDATE:  Problem persists no matter what I do, programming just blinks until I restart the recording.

I recently upgraded from the clients to mini genies in each room of my home.  I still have the HR34 that was originally set up.  Ever since the upgrade on some dvr playback the screen will blink to black then come back to the program.  The only way i have found to stop it is to either switch from a recorded program back to live tv then back again or switch from one recorded program to another then back again.  Has anyone had this problem before?

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Re: HR34 blinks to black screen during dvr playback

First thing to try is resetting your DVR/Receiver using the red button behind the front panel access card door. See if that helps. ( on side panel on H25 receivers

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Re: HR34 blinks to black screen during dvr playback

Do you have it running through a home theater system? I have 2 and one of them occasionally does that. I learned it was a "handshake" problem between various equipment. It happens very infrequently for me and only lasts a second or 2.

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