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HR24-200 Record Indicator


HR24-200 Record Indicator

Recently I've noticed my HR24-200 front panel (Amber) record indicator does not come on when the unit is actually recording a program(s).  Is this a common issue or is it a problem with my unit?

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Re: HR24-200 Record Indicator

First thing to try is resetting your DVR/Receiver using the red button behind the front panel access card door. See if that helps. ( on side panel on H25 receivers

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Re: HR24-200 Record Indicator

I did the reset.  Can't say it had any effect.  Seems most of the time the amber record indicator works but occasionally not.  Unreliable so pretty much useless.  Since I don't see anyone else mentioning this issue I was beginning to think my HR24-200 has a problem but now my wife has noticed the same issue occurring on the HR24-200 in her office .... so maybe it is a HR24-200 and/or software issue?

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