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HD DVR box overheating


HD DVR box overheating

This past weekend, during the snowstorm, the dvr in my living room lost signal. I didn't think anything of it, because I know that it happens sometimes. Sunday night, I got the message that the dvr couldn't connect and update the guide for an hour, and I clicked ok, and at the end of the Oscars, it said that it hadn't been able to communicate and update the guide in 7 hours, and I clicked ok. On Monday morning, I have a bright blue screen telling me that the box has reached 66 degrees celsius, and needs to cool down. I haven't had TV in two days. Help!!!!

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Re: HD DVR box overheating

That's pretty darn hot (> 150ºF). It must be located in a well ventilated area, with nothing blocking the vent ports. Sometimes customers stack items or other devices, which can cause overheating. If this is not the case, you should be able to hear the fan working up close. If the fan is not working, that would cause overheating too.


Try disconnecting the HR24 and letting it cool down for an hour or two. Then plug it back in (may have to wait up to 24hrs for progamming info to load) and see what happens. Keep us posted.


TechKnow Guides and installer/tech experts can also help troubleshoot.



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