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Guide not updating


Guide not updating

Any idea why the guide is not updating 14 days out on many channels?  It won't update on my Genie or online - says "no programming available at this time".   Other online guides have the content loaded.

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Re: Guide not updating

the guide is usually 12 to 14 days.  so if yoru receiver has at least 12 days, then that is normal
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Re: Guide not updating

The online Guide is currently more than 50% populated out to the 29th which is as far as it goes.  The Genie is good out to about the 27th. 

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Re: Guide not updating

When I posted this question this morning, the guide was empty on most of the conventional channels from Thursday 10/24 and on.  I have been checking for several days since I want to set some series recordings for the fall season.

I just logged in again late this afternoon and the guide is full for the next 14 days - almost as if someone in tech support saw my post and fixed a glitch!!

Thanks, Tim

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