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Getting sick from satellite dish


Getting sick from satellite dish

This is an unusual question, so please stick with me.

To preface this email, I am someone who has had a severe EMF sensitivity for many years.  I get very sick from being around cell phones and wi-fi and devices that create signals.  My symptoms include pain and tremors and insomnia.

We have had a DirecTV dish for many years and it has caused mild symptoms when turned on, but it never caused me a problem when shut off at night while I sleep.

Recently, a family member signed up for a DirecTV on-line account so he could watch HBO on a website.

In theory, all this does is create an on-line registration where you can control many aspects of your account including channels, privacy settings, video streaming, billing, etc...

After he signed up, the signal from the dish outside feels much stronger, the receiver box is whirring even when turned off, and I feel the signals now 24/7 instead of just when the dish is on.  I have not slept for 4 days and I feel very sick.

I tried a satellite reset and this seemed to help briefly while it was rebooting, but then the symptoms start up again.

I called customer support to cancel the on-line account, but they said it can never be deleted, but only suspended.  I suspended it but I feel the same symptoms.

Is it possible that signing up for the online account has caused more activity on my dish, activated some settings or options that were previously dormant, or effected the activity of my receiver or equipment in any way?



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Re: Getting sick from satellite dish

No, there should be no change in what your system does or how it works.  By the way just so you are aware, the DirecTV dish does NOT transmit any signal, there is NO EMF radiating from it.  It is only a receiving antenna.

Your DVR does run 24/7, and the hard drive is always spinning.  Sometimes it is recording signal from the dish, but it is also possible to record on-demand content coming in from the internet. If anything changed since signing up for the online account, it would be the amount of data coming into your home over the internet as opposed to through the DirecTV dish.

Also, so you are aware, that dish is receiving everything that DirecTV sends all the time, regardless of what you subscribe to. The selection is done in the receiver, not in the signal that is sent to your dish.  And lastly, with regard to your sensitivity, those signals are hitting your house all the time whether or not you have that dish out there (as are Dish network signals, cell signals from all providers, radio, television, police, fire, etc.).

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Re: Getting sick from satellite dish

Carl, Thanks for the quick response!

I am aware of signals hitting my house all the time, I have had to put up blocking materials and protective clothing in order to cope.

"If anything changed since signing up for the online account, it would be the amount of data coming into your home over the internet as opposed to through the DirecTV dish."

It sounds to me like this is could be important. How exactly is more data coming in?

Do you mean that my DVR would need to be connected to the internet through a network cable or wireless card in order for that to happen?

Or are you just saying that DirecTV is sending data to my PC computer and it has nothing to do with the DVR?

For whatever reason, I'd like to delete the on-line account I created permanently, but DirecTV won't let me.  Is there a way we can work around that?  I'm sure you don't think it'll change my situation, but maybe they could just humor me Smiley Happy

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ACE - Expert

Re: Getting sick from satellite dish

If you're using internet and networked devices, like PCs or Smartphones/Tablets, it's hard to imagine how the small amount of "extra" data used by a DirecTV DVR would make any difference.  But it's easy enough to disconnect your DirecTV equipment from your home network/internet.  You just won't be able to download OnDemand stuff.  Having an online account won't matter then.

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Re: Getting sick from satellite dish

I don't think my DVR is connected to the internet, unless it has some wireless ability that I'm not aware of.  There is no network cable currently being used.

If you have any other suggestions for settings I might put my DVR or satellite receiver on that might reduce its activity at night, I would appreciate it. 

I do always have trouble sleeping when my DVR is recording at night, so I know its possible that some increased DVR activity might be the problem.

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Getting sick from satellite dish

I just removed all my internet cookies, hoping to stop the increased internet activity you mentioned.

Any other suggestions, please let me know.


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Re: Getting sick from satellite dish

It is unproven that EMI/RFI causes symptoms such as you describe.  We are surrounded with radio waves on this planet.  It is not just man made in the environment, it is the wave lengths that you do not see when the Sun is shining, or even when the moon is out.

Any planet in this galaxy is bombarded with so much radio waves, it is beyond what you could imagine.

As for removing DirecTV cookies, I do not know how that solves your problem.  If it does, keep us all informed.

Really the only way to protect yourself from any type of EMI/RFI, is to go live inside a Copper Ore Cave, with a big Copper Ore Boulder in front of the opening to your cave.

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Re: Getting sick from satellite dish

There is growing evidence that certain types of EMF and RF from cell phones and other devices are harmful to the population.  There are a lot of books and studies about this already.

I have always felt fine with DirecTV until I registered for the on-line account.

Of course I didn't think that deleting my cookies would help, but I'm trying to understand what Carl meant by the amount of increased internet activity to my DVR.

I feel that might be of some importance to this issue.

I also still hope for any suggestions on settings I might choose to reduce activity to my DVR or receiver.


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Re: Getting sick from satellite dish

Again, it is unproven that man made devices are the cause.  Also our planet is bombarded with radio waves 24/7.  You see that big Yellowish Orange fire ball in the sky?  It is right now emitting more radio waves, then anything else in our environment.

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Re: Getting sick from satellite dish

Also, registering for an online account cannot affect your health, unless you already have pre-existing psychological healthissues.  There is no way that the Internet causes you these so called mental health issues, other then what I stated at the beginning of this post.

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Re: Getting sick from satellite dish

I've never been diagnosed with any psychological problem, there are millions of people who are currently reporting symptoms from cell phones and wi-fi.  I could post studies, if anyone is interested.  Its not conclusive, but its certainly something that needs investigating.

Its about 5% of the population that is affected, so I understand why the other 95% would think we are wrong.

Radiation from the sun is harmful if over-exposed, I think your skin turns red if last time I checked Smiley Happy

Anyhow, linking my DirecTV equipment to the on-line account has definitely changed something about the way my DVR is operating, I'm pretty sure of that.

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Re: Getting sick from satellite dish

Sorry,but I am not going to feed you anymore on this nonsense. I am sure that there are other forums out there, that will take your bait and play along with the line you are feeding them.

There are again, no studies that's how certain symptoms are caused by Radio Waves.  If there was, it would be in all of the medical journals,along with lked about on the news and in real publications.

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Re: Getting sick from satellite dish

Also, just opening an account on this forum, or accessing your billing account, is not going to cause your DVR to misbehave.

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Re: Getting sick from satellite dish

I would suggest that you wrap your DIRECTV receiver in lead foil about 2 mm thick. If you are not able to procure that, a triple layer of heavy duty aluminum foil should do the trick. That will knock down any EMF that may be affecting you.

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Re: Getting sick from satellite dish

I wish I was just trolling, but actually this is a real problem for me.  I don't expect most people to accept what I'm saying.

The aluminum foil is a good idea, but actually I just tried powering down the DVR at night.  I was finally able to get some sleep, although I still didn't feel like the RF was totally gone.

Is it bad for your equipment to power down your DVR at night?  I really don't know what else to do, besides cancelling the whole thing.

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