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GenieGo will not work?


GenieGo will not work?

I have an HR34/700 Genie HD DVR.  I purchased the GenieGo.  It has worked for about 1 week. I have had so many excuses why it won't work.  I even had my Internet service upgraded. Last week I had a tech come out and check it, reconfigured it and it worked for 8 days.  Today I called and was told that it is because my "port forwarding settings" are restricted.  The playlist shows on my ipad however when you select the show to watch, it says it is not available at this time.  The status light on the geniego is yellow, network is blue and the activity light is clear (no color).

Has anyone else experienced this?  Is there a solution?

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Re: GenieGo will not work?

Using the GenieGo inside your own home network has nothing to do with your internet service, so that shouldn't be an issue.  But give us some more info ....

  • How is the GenieGo connected to your home network?  Please be specific.
  • Is your iPad connected to the same network as you GenieGo?
  • Have you tried resetting the GenieGo using its red reset button?
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Re: GenieGo will not work?

GenieGo is connected directly to the router.  Yes, the iPad is connected the same network.  I have reset the GenieGo and get the same result (status light on the geniego is yellow, network is blue and the activity light is clear (no color).

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Re: GenieGo will not work?

i get told the same thing. You get over promised by the sales reps only to find out the GenieGo can't do what your told it can do, I would be just happy if it would even connect. word of advice for those at directv. When you have a product that push as this great device that allows you to connect to your dr from out of state and to only find out it only works here and there and then to be told you have to be back in your home to do the trouble shooting for it to work again is just nonsense. If I would have known that I couldn't stream all my channels and my playlist would constantly say can't connect to geniego even though we have done every trouble shoot option there is...mine was working for a record 2 weeks in a row and the first time the trouble shoot worked but two tech with directv over the phone even said they are getting frustrated by the GenieGo because of all the customers that call in with the same complaints...Come on Directv get it together or you risk losing a lot of customers over this.

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