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GenieGo internet connetion error: result code 86-96


GenieGo internet connetion error: result code 86-96

Hello to one and all. I am having a conundrum with trying to get my new GenieGo to connect to my wireless internet. It shows my Home Network, I type in the network password, and then it sits at the connecting screen for a minute. Then it gives me this reult code (86-96). I have searched through the plethora that is the world wide web, and cannot seem to find any solutions to this. I have looked through my router config, and don't think it is a firewall issue. Has anyone seen this? Anything you think I could try?

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Re: GenieGo internet connetion error: result code 86-96

Code 86 indicates the system was not able to connect to the Internet.  For starters, I would disable the firewall in your router/modem.  Make sure your network name (SSID) and your password is all alpha numeric, letters and numbers only.  No symbols or punctuation.

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Re: GenieGo internet connetion error: result code 86-96

Hmmmm, there are no settings on the GenieGo to conenct to the internet.  the GeniGo connects directly to your router via ethernet cable

Are you sure you have the GenieGo?  Perhaps you are referrring to the CCK-W?

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