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GenieGO, NVG510 and Out of Home Access


GenieGO, NVG510 and Out of Home Access

This question has been touched on but not really solved. Here is my situation.

I have Uverse DSL with an NVG510.  Directv Tech Support indicated that this modem is not supported by them to use the GenieGO Out of Home Access because it does not provide an Static IP.  I called ATT and they said this is the most current modem, but I could purchase an Static IP address from them for $15/month. They also mentioned buying another router to use with the NVG 510. I do not want to spend more money. This is getting out of control and Directv will not let me return the Genie Go.

The system works fine in my house.

I used the directions on but Step 10 is too vague in what you need to enter.

Followed this first: Setting a Static IP Address in Windows 7 -

Then this: Port Forwarding the Motorola NVG510 Router for DIRECTV GenieGO

Under this section:

Here you need to select the entry you just created and then select a device to forward it to.

Needed by Device

When you're finished, click the Add button to assign the forward to a device.

This does not work. I can do Name1 (yes, silly but I used it), but what device do I select under "Needed by Service?" GenieGo is not an option. The Nomad is, but this creates Pinhole conflicts.

Anyway, I've perused the internet and need help. I don't want to BUY a Static IP if I can figure out a way to assign one. I greatly appreciate any help.

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