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Genie with Denon Amp


Genie with Denon Amp

I just upraded to a HR34 from a HR24. I have it connected via HDMI to a Denon 3808 amp. It only show volume display from amp on my tv when on a 480,1080i channel. When on a 720p channel no display is shown. My other box's HR20 and HR24 never had this problem. I had to uncheck 720p in settings resolutions to get the display to work on the HR34. Is it a glitch with HR34 or just my box.

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Re: Genie with Denon Amp

First thing to try is resetting your DVR/Receiver using the red button behind the front panel access card door. See if that helps. ( on side panel on H25 receivers).

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Re: Genie with Denon Amp

Reset did not work. I could get it to diplay Denon info when pressing menu on denon remote. Screen goes blank for a second then denon menu info comes up along with volume display. When i change the the channel to a different resolution the same problem occurs. No denon volume display

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Re: Genie with Denon Amp

In my opinion,  only resolution U should even have checked is 1080i,  if U have HIDEF TV.  I have that Denon and it works beautifully.

Actually my Denon 3808i is just a receiver,  so I may be talking out of school here.  Although Native off and 1080i gives U everything U will ever need for HD.  Nothing will improve it.

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Re: Genie with Denon Amp

I agree with Billy, I run a HR34 plus a 1913 Denon and I set native to off and put a check mark on only the 1080i resolution (plus 1080p if your Denon and TV will handle it and you're using HDMI).  This has the added benefit of making channel changes much smoother and a bit quicker.

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