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Genie issues since day one

Genie issues since day one

My family just upgraded from the "standard" Directv boxes (not sure of the model number) to the new Genie system. Since day one we have had multiple issues. We have one main Genie box with one of the small boxes that connects the Genie to another TV in the house.

  1. First issue we experienced is that the video will sometimes go black on the main TV (white screen on the secondary TV), like it has gone to sleep. The only way to "fix this" is to either go up or down a channel and then come back to the channel you were watching. This doesn't happen constantly but enough to be very annoying.
  2. Some recordings will play for a few minutes and then jump back to the beginning of the show. I have fast forwarded to later times in the recording and the video and audio play for a few minutes (letting me know the entire show/movie was actually recorded) but then jumps back to the beginning again.
  3. Some of the recordings don't even record the entire episode or movie. We've had several shows (different channels and different times of the day) record parts of the show and not the entire program.

We called Directv and they told us it was probably an issue with the cables running to and from the boxes so they sent out a technician to check it out. The technician checked everything and said it was all due to a known issue with the Genie system and that they get calls like this all the time.

We called Directv and the first person we talked to said they were aware of the issue as well. When we asked for some kind of compensation (why are they selling a defective product? Why should we have to pay full price for a known defective product?) she told us we were already getting a discount for switching to the Genie. We asked to speak to her manager. When we talked to the first manager she told us there was no problem with the system. We told her what the technician and also the Directv employee that answered the phone told us and she still said there was no issue with the Genie. Then she put another manager on the phone and she also said there was no problems with the Genie.

They finally said they would send out a new unit for us to hook up saying that issue must be with our box and not the system itself. Seems like they are having issues that they don't want to admit to when a technician and a Directv employee admit to the same faults with the Genie.

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