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Genie adds more costs to your bill


Genie adds more costs to your bill

I really wish I would have known upfront that upgrading to the Genie added so much money onto my bill each month. After getting the Genie, the DVR service went to $10 a month. And to add whole home DVR, you add another $3. HD already costs $10, and it is required to have with the Genie. Their prices are starting to get ridiculous. Also the basic protection plan went from $5.99 to $7.99. It seems like everytime i get my bill, something has increased. I have told them several times that there should not be a charge for whole home DVR since it's $99 for the little box to make whole home DVR possible. I also believe that they shouldn't charge for HD. If it is required to have to have the Genie box, then HD should be included with it. DVR servive used to also be only $5. There is no reason it should have raised to $10 a month.

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Re: Genie adds more costs to your bill

The DVR service has been $ 10 for at least one year. And it has not been $5 for a really long time. The good think about DirecTV is that those fees are per account and covers all of your receivers unlike the cable companies which charges you those fees per receiver

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Re: Genie adds more costs to your bill

I had went back through my bills to the point before I got the Genie, and my DVR service was $5. After I got the Genie, the DVR service changed to Advanced DVR service at $10. I just got the genie about 6 months ago. I could probably let the DVR service go because of the amount of shows I do get to record. But the charges for the HD and whole home DVR should be dropped. Like I said before, HD should be included in having the Genie, and whole home DVR should be including with buying the device.

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Re: Genie adds more costs to your bill

The Genie costs the same as any HD DVR, nothing extra.  I'm suspicious that your rates were "grandfathered" and when you updated your system the current rates kicked in.  In any event, this is a user to user technical help forum and we are all customers like you and paying the same fees you are.  So, this thread is simply a conversation, Directv won't read it and even if they did they won't change their billing practices.

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Re: Genie adds more costs to your bill

I know this is just a forum. I have contacted Directv about this issue, and they pretty much just try to appease me by apologizing. This is just kind of my rant about it. I just didn't think it was fair of them to change my fees without informing me first. They never mentioned once that my DVR fees would increase or that there was a fee for the whole home DVR.

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Re: Genie adds more costs to your bill

That's funny because I am getting charged for 3 receivers and 1 I get free so the statement is wrong that it's 1 per bill!
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Re: Genie adds more costs to your bill



Receiver services HD $10, DVR $10, Whole DVR $3 or as combined Advanced Receiver $25 (depends on when account was activated) covers the entire account and is NOT charged per tv.


Additional tv/client fees are $7 each. This is based on how many tvs you have, even if you only have SD non-DVR boxes. Old accounts have primary tv free and only charge additional. New accounts charge the $7 for the primary tv fee, but their receiver services is $15 (was 2015 when that changed, but only $1 difference in the end between new and old customers).


So the bill is correct as receiver services are for the account, not the same thing as additional tv/client fees.

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