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Genie Receiver Problems


Genie Receiver Problems

We recently had the Genie receiver installed in our home, and now we're having problems with the remote and main receiver. We'll be watching TV, then after a couple of days some of the buttons on the remote stop working. All the TV commands work fine, as do the Menu, Guide, Exit, and List buttons. However, the select button, channel up/down, and arrow buttons don't work. I thought at first that the problem was with the remote, so I went into the menu using the buttons on the receiver to try and reprogram the remote. This worked, but only for about 5 minutes. At that point, the same problems we were having with the remote are now active in the receiver. The Menu, Guide, and Res buttons work, but the arrows and Select button don't work.

I'm not sure what to do at this point other than reset it again and hope the problems subside. I'm just hoping someone on here and can provide a permanent fix.

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Re: Genie Receiver Problems

Start by doing a red button reset and post back with the model of your Genie, clients and remote control

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Re: Genie Receiver Problems

Unfortunately I can't reset it for another few hours because there are shows recording tonight and multiple people will be yelling at me if I do that right now.

The models are:

Genie: HR34-700

Remote: RC65X

Clients (3): C31-700

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Re: Genie Receiver Problems

I have the exact same problem.  The only thing i can add is that it occurs when i use the PIP feature.

I have an HR34/700 with a RC65X remote and 0 clients. The red button reset works but come next Sunday when I use the PIP, it will happen again.

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